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HR0135LRB102 17325 MST 22815 r


2    WHEREAS, Under Illinois constitutional law, the individual
3income tax is levied upon incomes at a flat, non-graduated
4rate; this flat rate is explicitly specified by subsection (a)
5of Section 3 of Article IX of the Constitution of Illinois; the
6Constitution, with its flat-rate income tax language, was
7ratified by the voters in November 1970; and
8    WHEREAS, Given an opportunity to reopen the question in
9November 2020, the people of Illinois renewed their commitment
10to a single State individual income tax levied at a flat rate;
11when presented with a proposed constitutional amendment to
12strike this language and to grant the politicians of Illinois
13the right to enact multiple income tax rates to be levied upon
14multiple levels of income, the proposed amendment was
15resoundingly defeated; and
16    WHEREAS, As evidenced by the November 2020 voting numbers
17on the Graduated Income Tax Amendment, with passage requiring
18either (i) a simple majority of all of those casting ballots in
19the overall election or (ii) a three-fifths majority of those
20voting on the constitutional question, the proposed amendment
21fell far short in both categories, with more than 3.0 million
22"no" votes cast against the measure; and



HR0135- 2 -LRB102 17325 MST 22815 r

1    WHEREAS, The 3,059,411 "no" votes cast against the
2proposed constitutional amendment were a majority (53.3%) of
3the votes cast on the question and were also a majority (50.2%)
4of the total votes cast in the November 2020 election as a
5whole; and
6    WHEREAS, Enough "no" votes were cast on the proposed
7constitutional amendment that it fell more than 360,000 votes
8short of a simple majority and more than 760,000 votes short of
9a three-fifths majority of those voting on the question; and
10    WHEREAS, The people of Illinois have spoken with dignity
11and finality on the question of what form the individual
12income tax should take in Illinois; and
13    WHEREAS, Despite the expressed constitutional command of
14the people of Illinois, re-expressed as recently as November
152020, some voices continue to speak in favor of reopening this
16question yet again; and
17    WHEREAS, As on every previous occasion this question has
18arisen, the abolition of the constitutional flat-rate law and
19its erasure from the income tax code of Illinois would make it
20easier for politicians to enact multiple income tax rates upon
21multiple levels of income earned by the working people of
22Illinois and to spend this money however they want; and



HR0135- 3 -LRB102 17325 MST 22815 r

1    WHEREAS, The people of Illinois do not want a Graduated
2Income Tax; the negative effects upon the lives of Illinoisans
3by reopening this issue would far outweigh whatever benefits
4have been promised to them by those who call for the
5reconsideration of such a tax; therefore, be it
8we oppose a graduated income tax law in Illinois, whether it is
9called a "graduated tax", a "progressive tax", a "fair tax",
10or any other euphemism its supporters wish to use to present it
11to the voters and engender support; and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That we oppose the reconsideration by the
13Illinois General Assembly of any constitutional measure
14intended to yet again reopen the flat-rate income tax language
15of subsection (a) of Section 3 of Article IX of the
16Constitution of Illinois; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
18delivered to Governor JB Pritzker, Speaker Chris Welch, and
19President Don Harmon.