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Full Text of HR0174  102nd General Assembly




HR0174LRB102 17874 MST 24414 r


2    WHEREAS, The United States of America continues the
3historical exploitation of and violence against marginalized
4groups that has helped form the foundations of its prosperity;
6    WHEREAS, The modern police state has emerged from the
7institutions of slave catchers and strike breakers, which were
8later repurposed for use in upholding Jim Crow laws and for the
9suppression of the civil rights movement; the State of
10Illinois has a history of racially-biased policing and
11brutality by law enforcement and corrections officers, and
12prior attempts at reform have been unsuccessful; and
13    WHEREAS, There has been a lack of correlation between
14increased police spending and feelings of safety or decreases
15in crime; and
16    WHEREAS, Most crimes are never reported, and those that
17are reported often go unresolved; and
18    WHEREAS, Many of the people in the jails and prisons of
19Illinois have not been convicted, are awaiting trial, are
20non-violent offenders, or are at a low risk of recidivism; and



HR0174- 2 -LRB102 17874 MST 24414 r

1    WHEREAS, There are many other data-driven and
2evidence-based ways to promote peace within our communities;
3therefore, be it
6we urge every Illinois municipality and county to cut 10% of
7funding to law enforcement agencies that do not adopt and
8comply with an appropriately robust reform program; and be it
10    RESOLVED, That an appropriately robust reform program
11would ensure law enforcement officers are held accountable for
12misconduct, policing agencies are held accountable for
13creating policies and priorities with public input that are
14transparent and evidence-based, and policing agencies' budgets
15are reviewed to ensure resources are used for holistic public
16safety and have transparency for police budgetary items; and
17be it further
18    RESOLVED, That we urge municipalities and counties to
19review municipal and county codes for the over-criminalization
20of minor offenses and the criminalization of poverty or other
21status; and be it further
22    RESOLVED, That we urge the State of Illinois to do the



HR0174- 3 -LRB102 17874 MST 24414 r

2        (1) Set a statutory minimum requirement for the use of
3    lethal and less lethal force;
4        (2) Set minimum standards for the training, equipment,
5    and deployment of tactical teams, with a requirement to
6    report the relevant data on all deployments;
7        (3) Limit the use of and access to invasive
8    surveillance technologies by police agencies or private
9    companies contracted by police agencies, with oversight on
10    how data is collected and handled;
11        (4) Limit the use of traffic and pedestrian stops
12    through the limiting of the use of reasonable suspicion
13    stops for certain categories of offenses, requiring
14    officers to inform individuals that they have the right to
15    refuse to consent to a search and requiring reasonable
16    suspicion of evidence or contraband before searches;
17        (5) Limit arrests for low-level offenses and offenses
18    where summonses and citations are adequate replacements;
19        (6) Establish standards for policies on the release of
20    body cam footage;
21        (7) Require recordings of interrogations for accounts
22    of the interrogations to be admissible in court;
23        (8) Allow for the appointment of special independent
24    investigators or prosecutors for critical incidents;
25        (9) Re-evaluate the role of police unions in the
26    setting of policy;



HR0174- 4 -LRB102 17874 MST 24414 r

1        (10) Require policing agencies to release to the
2    public all department policies, information on the
3    policing agency's use of surveillance technologies,
4    complaint data, and crime and call for service data;
5        (11) Mandate data collection and reporting for all
6    enforcement actions;
7        (12) Review criminal codes and consider
8    decriminalizing low-level offenses for which arrests and
9    criminal penalties are inappropriate; and
10        (13) Discourage the use of police stops as a deterrent
11    to criminal activity, rather than investigating it; and be
12    it further
13    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
14delivered to the families of those harmed by police violence,
15county and municipal boards, relevant state agencies, and
16Governor JB Pritzker.