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Full Text of HR0525  102nd General Assembly




HR0525LRB102 21149 MST 30155 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate Jim Ardis on the occasion
4of his retirement as mayor of the City of Peoria; and
5    WHEREAS, Mayor Ardis has served as mayor from 2005 to
62021; prior to his election as mayor, he was appointed to the
7Peoria city liquor commission in 1997; he served on the Peoria
8City Council as an at-large member from 1999 through 2005; he
9is currently the second-longest serving mayor in city history;
11    WHEREAS, Public service has been a legacy for Mayor
12Ardis's family; his father, Jim Ardis Jr., served as a Peoria
13city councilman from 1969 to 1973 and his grandfather, John
14Bulger, served as Peoria County Clerk; and
15    WHEREAS, Mayor Ardis's time as mayor has seen improvements
16in infrastructure, public safety, economic development,
17neighborhood stability, relationships with other units of
18local government, and public and private education in Peoria;
20    WHEREAS, Mayor Ardis has been instrumental in many
21projects throughout Peoria; he established the Peoria Promise,



HR0525- 2 -LRB102 21149 MST 30155 r

1which is a groundbreaking school scholarship program that
2supports economic development by giving young people a chance
3to stay in Peoria for a higher education, therefore delivering
4a more skilled workforce in Peoria; and
5    WHEREAS, Mayor Ardis launched the Don't Shoot violence
6prevention initiative, which sought to decrease shootings and
7gang-related violence; this program required an immense amount
8of communication, planning, and execution; this prevention
9initiative has saved lives and community resources and
10produces a better and more safe community; and
11    WHEREAS, Mayor Ardis implemented a litter-pick program,
12reinforcing the city's efforts to encourage a litter-free
13community; he called for a coordinated liter removal and
14environmental management throughout Peoria and created the
15litter committee aimed at getting citizens involved in
16beautifying Peoria; and
17    WHEREAS, Mayor Ardis expanded tourism opportunities in
18Peoria in many transformative ways; he oversaw the restoration
19of the Hotel Pere Marquette to a world class Marriott hotel and
20accompanying Courtyard Marriott attached via skyway to the
21expanded Peoria Civic Center; he also led the transfer of
22city-owned land in downtown Peoria to develop the Peoria
23Riverfront Museum and Caterpillar Visitor's Center; these



HR0525- 3 -LRB102 21149 MST 30155 r

1tourism promotion activities helped bring revenue to Peoria
2through attraction of visitors and conventions to the hotel
3and the Peoria Civic Center; and
4    WHEREAS, Recreation opportunities were initiated in the
5Peoria community under Mayor Ardis's leadership as well,
6including projects such as the Louisville Slugger Sports
7Complex and the expansion and connection of the Kellar Branch
8of the Rock Island Trail, a project awaiting action for more
9than three decades for the region; and
10    WHEREAS, A consummate advocate in Springfield on behalf of
11issues related to cities and villages, Mayor Ardis served as
12an Illinois Municipal League Board Member and Executive Board
13Member; he was a strong leader for municipal policy issues in
14Springfield on the need for pension relief for cities and an
15early advocate for concealed carry in the State of Illinois;
17    WHEREAS, The Peoria Warehouse District was developed
18through the leadership of Mayor Ardis, including the creation
19of the Warehouse District TIF, securing 25 million in state
20and federal infrastructure and funding the completion of
21numerous redevelopment agreements that delivered new
22restaurants, shops, and residential facilities to the
23community; and



HR0525- 4 -LRB102 21149 MST 30155 r

1    WHEREAS, Mayor Ardis has shown great dedication to the
2City of Peoria and to the citizens of Central Illinois by his
3skillful navigation through the great recession and the
4COVID-19 pandemic; and
5    WHEREAS, Mayor Ardis's goal has always been the betterment
6of the City of Peoria by demonstrating core values of
7responsibility, professionalism, accountability, and
8transparency; he has worked tirelessly to build a stronger,
9safer, and more prosperous community; he has excelled at
10making tough decisions and building opportunities for Peoria
11to attract jobs, retain talent, and provide a welcoming
12environment to families throughout the community; therefore,
13be it
16we congratulate Jim Ardis on his retirement as the mayor of the
17City of Peoria, and we wish him the best in all his future
18endeavors; and be it further
19    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
20presented to Mayor Ardis as a symbol of our respect and esteem.