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Full Text of HR0789  102nd General Assembly




HR0789LRB102 27060 MST 38402 r


2    WHEREAS, Illinois has been and continues to be a leader
3among the states in reproductive health and women's rights,
4including in the recent passage of the comprehensive
5Reproductive Health Act of 2019 and in repealing the Parental
6Notice of Abortion Act in 2021; and
7    WHEREAS, Reproductive health care is a deeply intimate and
8personal decision that women and people who can become
9pregnant must be empowered to make for themselves; and
10    WHEREAS, A person's autonomy and ability to participate in
11the economic and social aspects of daily life are implicated
12by their ability to control their reproductive health; and
13    WHEREAS, Access to reproductive health care is often
14integral to the healing and recovery of survivors of sexual
15assault and abuse; and
16    WHEREAS, Despite reproductive health care's strong impact
17on the mental and physical health of women and people who can
18become pregnant, other states around the nation have taken
19alarming and regressive steps to roll back key protections for
20women and their reproductive rights, in clear contradiction of
21the constitutional principles expounded by the U.S. Supreme



HR0789- 2 -LRB102 27060 MST 38402 r

1Court in Roe v. Wade; and
2    WHEREAS, Other states around the country are stripping
3away women's access to reproductive health care, including
4Texas, where a law was recently enacted banning abortion after
5six weeks and offering the prospect of $10,000 rewards for
6successful lawsuits against anyone who "aids or abets" a woman
7who gets an abortion once fetal cardiac activity can be
8detected; and
9    WHEREAS, A bill has been introduced in Missouri to allow
10private citizens to sue anyone who helps a Missouri resident
11obtain an abortion out of state, using the novel legal
12strategy behind the restrictive law in Texas, in a clear
13attempt to punish the thousands of residents that are forced
14to travel to Illinois for reproductive health-care services
15since Missouri passed one of the country's strictest abortion
16laws in 2019; and
17    WHEREAS, Missouri politicians would even prohibit
18lifesaving care for patients facing ectopic pregnancies; and
19    WHEREAS, Nationwide, anti-choice extremists are pushing to
20go even further, such as in Montana, where legislation would
21not only force a rape survivor to carry a rapist's child but
22also co-parent with their rapist; and



HR0789- 3 -LRB102 27060 MST 38402 r

1    WHEREAS, Donald Trump called for women to be punished for
2having abortions and, in Texas, extreme politicians are taking
3action on his call, introducing legislation that could make it
4possible to subject women who choose abortion to the death
5penalty; and
6    WHEREAS, These efforts to undermine people's reproductive
7rights, including those recently taken in states such as
8Missouri, Texas, and Florida, are clear attempts to catalyze a
9repeal of Roe v. Wade under the newly conservative Supreme
10Court; and
11    WHEREAS, Despite attempts from Republican members in this
12State to follow the concerning trends seen in these other
13states and roll back important protections for women our State
14has enshrined, including attempts to repeal the Reproductive
15Health Act in bills, including HB 1893 and HB 3043, and
16institute regressive and counterproductive barriers to access
17through bills, including HB 261, HB 791, HB 683, HB 827, and HB
183041, among others, Illinois continues to stand with women and
19protect their reproductive rights; and
20    WHEREAS, Illinois is committed to remaining a leader among
21states in protecting reproductive health and women's rights
22and calls on other states to join Illinois in its commitment;



HR0789- 4 -LRB102 27060 MST 38402 r

1therefore, be it
4we declare our commitment to ensuring access to quality health
5care, including reproductive health care, for women in
6Illinois; and be it further
7    RESOLVED, That we urge the Illinois Congressional
8Delegation to support federal legislation and other efforts to
9ensure women's health and reproductive rights continue to be
10protected and upheld to the fullest extent; and be it further
11    RESOLVED, That we oppose any effort to punish those who
12seek a constitutionally protected abortion; and be it further
13    RESOLVED, That we condemn the efforts of those in Illinois
14and in other states, including Missouri, Texas, and Florida,
15to undermine women and their reproductive health, and we call
16on states across the nation to join us in our commitment to
17women's health; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
19delivered to the Governor, all Illinois constitutional
20officers, and all members of the Illinois Congressional
21Delegation in order to bring further awareness to the



HR0789- 5 -LRB102 27060 MST 38402 r

1importance of women's health and reproductive rights for the
2residents of the State of Illinois and to be a model state for
3the rest of the country.