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Full Text of HR0790  102nd General Assembly




HR0790LRB102 27072 MST 38423 r


2    WHEREAS, The Supreme Court's 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade
3established a fundamental right to safe and legal reproductive
4health care free of excessive government restrictions; and
5    WHEREAS, The Court's ruling in Roe v. Wade established
6these personal medical decisions were to be made between
7patients and their doctors, not by politicians; and
8    WHEREAS, The right to privacy underpinning Roe v. Wade
9protects not only abortion rights but also many other rights
10we now regard as fundamental, including the ability to access
11birth control as established in the Supreme Court's 1970
12Griswold v. Connecticut decision; and
13    WHEREAS, The Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed the
14principles of Roe v. Wade, with judges and legal scholars on
15all ends of the political spectrum speaking to the importance
16of the precedent; and
17    WHEREAS, These rulings guaranteeing access to reproductive
18health care have curtailed the practice of dangerous
19"back-alley" abortions, where patients were forced to put
20their lives on the line to receive care; and



HR0790- 2 -LRB102 27072 MST 38423 r

1    WHEREAS, Extreme anti-choice activists and right-wing
2politicians have spent decades trying to bring back the
3dangerous era before Roe v. Wade by pushing new restrictions
4on abortion and birth control access; and
5    WHEREAS, The one-term presidency of Donald Trump has put
6these fundamental rights at risk like never before; as a
7candidate, Trump said that women seeking abortion should be
8punished, and then he worked to fill the federal judiciary
9with opponents of reproductive choice; and
10    WHEREAS, In response to this assault, the Illinois House
11of Representatives has worked to move Illinois in a
12fundamentally better direction by enshrining the right to
13choose as a fundamental right in Illinois, regardless of what
14extreme politicians in Washington, D.C. do; and
15    WHEREAS, A person's autonomy and ability to participate in
16the economic and social aspects of daily life are implicated
17by their ability to control their reproductive health; and
18    WHEREAS, Access to reproductive health care is often
19integral to the healing and recovery of survivors of sexual
20assault and abuse; and
21    WHEREAS, We continue to believe that personal medical



HR0790- 3 -LRB102 27072 MST 38423 r

1decisions should be made between patients and their doctors,
2not by politicians; therefore, be it
5we declare our belief that the Supreme Court's decisions in
6Roe v. Wade and Griswold v. Connecticut were properly decided,
7and we declare our opposition to any effort to overturn,
8undermine, or weaken the precedents; and be it further
9    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
10delivered to the Governor, all Illinois constitutional
11officers, and all members of the Illinois Congressional
12Delegation in order to bring further awareness to the
13importance of women's health and reproductive rights for the
14residents of the State of Illinois and to be a model state for
15the rest of the country.