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SR0274LRB102 18265 ECR 25946 r


2    WHEREAS, Larry Dietz is retiring as the 19th president of
3Illinois State University (ISU), a position he assumed on
4March 22, 2014; and
5    WHEREAS, During the tenure of President Larry Dietz, ISU
6has seen record enrollment, including increases in enrollment
7of students from underrepresented groups, while maintaining
8high academic quality; and
9    WHEREAS, Illinois State University continues to be ranked
10among the top universities in the United States, recognized
11for its strong retention rate, top 10 percent graduation rate,
12and very low student loan default rate; it has achieved record
13fundraising in recent years and initiated its second
14comprehensive campaign, Redbirds Rising: The Campaign for
15Illinois State University; and
16    WHEREAS, Despite difficult economic times in Illinois,
17Illinois State University has remained strong and stable under
18Larry Dietz's leadership and is making plans to reach new
19heights in the future; and
20    WHEREAS, Larry Dietz came to Illinois State University in
21June of 2011 as vice president for Student Affairs and as a



SR0274- 2 -LRB102 18265 ECR 25946 r

1tenured associate professor in the Department of Educational
2Administration and Foundations; previously, he served as vice
3chancellor for Student Affairs at Southern Illinois University
4Carbondale for ten years; he also served as special assistant
5to the chancellor at SIUC and as a tenured associate professor
6in educational administration and higher education; prior to
7his tenure there, he served as vice chancellor for Student
8Affairs and Enrollment Management, among other leadership
9positions, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and in
10leadership positions at Iowa State University; and
11    WHEREAS, Larry Dietz earned a Ph.D. in higher education
12administration and a master's degree in higher education and
13student personnel from Iowa State University; he has a
14bachelor's degree in political science from Southern Illinois
15University; he attended the Institute for Educational
16Management at Harvard University, a Fulbright International
17Education Seminar for Administrators in Germany, and the
18Harvard Management Development Program; and
19    WHEREAS, A strong supporter of global education, Larry
20Dietz has implemented plans to enhance diversity, support
21global learning, and create a global campus environment at
22Illinois State University; his international experiences
23include representing the American Universities Iraq Consortium
24on a panel with Prime Minister Al-Malaki and representing SIUC



SR0274- 3 -LRB102 18265 ECR 25946 r

1at the Iraq Education Initiative in Baghdad; in addition, he
2had responsibility for SIUC's campus in Japan and has
3negotiated agreements with institutions in China, Malaysia,
4Kuwait, Germany, and the Czech Republic; therefore, be it
6ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we declare June 30,
72021 to be Larry Dietz Commemoration Day to commemorate Larry
8Dietz on his years of service and to wish him the best in
9retirement; and be it further
10    RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be presented to
11Larry Dietz as a symbol of our respect and esteem.