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Full Text of HB3743  103rd General Assembly




HB3743 EnrolledLRB103 25678 DTM 52027 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. Definitions. As used in this Act:
5    "Corporate authorities" means the corporate authorities of
6Tinley Park - Park District.
7    "Department" means the Department of Central Management
9    "Director" means the Director of Central Management
11    "TPPD" means the Tinley Park - Park District, a body
12corporate and politic of Cook and Will Counties, Illinois.
13    Section 10. Tinley Park Mental Health Center and the Howe
14Developmental Center. Pursuant to the provisions and subject
15to all of the terms and conditions of this Act, the Director,
16on behalf of the State of Illinois, is authorized to execute
17and deliver to TPPD, for and in consideration of $1 paid to the
18Department, a quit claim deed to the following described real
19property and a quit claim bill of sale to all the existing
20tangible personal property on the real property, and such
21ancillary documents as the Department deems appropriate, for
22fully and properly effectuating a transfer to TPPD of the
23title to the Tinley Park Mental Health Center and Howe



HB3743 Enrolled- 2 -LRB103 25678 DTM 52027 b

1Developmental Center, described as follows:
2    That part of Section 36, Township 36 North, Range 12, East
3    of the Third Principal Meridian, lying Southerly of the
4    Southerly Line of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific
5    Railroad,
6    (Excepting therefrom that portion described as follows:
7    That part of the West 1/2 of the Southwest 1/4 of said
8    Section 36 lying South of the Center Line of the North
9    Branch of the Flossmoor Road Drainage Ditch; Also that
10    part of the South 46 Acres of the East 1/2 of the Southwest
11    1/4 of said Section 36, lying South and West of the Center
12    Line of the North Branch of the Flossmoor Road Drainage
13    Ditch;
14    Also Excepting therefrom that portion described as
15    follows:
16    That part of the West 1900 feet of the Southwest 1/4 of
17    said Section 36 lying Southerly of the Southerly Right of
18    Way of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
19    (commonly known as the Metra Line) and lying Northerly of
20    the Centerline of the Northern Tributary to the Union
21    Drainage Ditch;



HB3743 Enrolled- 3 -LRB103 25678 DTM 52027 b

1    Also Excepting therefrom that portion described as
2    follows:
3    That part of the West 1900 Feet of the Northwest 1/4 of
4    said Section 36 lying Southerly of the Southerly Right of
5    Way of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
6    (commonly known as the Metra Line);
7    Also Excepting therefrom that portion described as
8    follows:
9    That Part of the South 1/2 of said Section 36, described as
10    follows: Beginning at the South Quarter Corner of said
11    Section 36; thence East 573.67 Feet along the South Line
12    of the Southeast 1/4 of aforesaid Section 36; thence North
13    859.00 Feet along a line perpendicular to the aforesaid
14    South Line; thence West 171.00 Feet; thence North 320.50
15    Feet; thence East 171.00 Feet; thence North 527.71 Feet;
16    thence North 66 Degrees 16 Minutes 51 Seconds West 843.97
17    Feet; thence North 28 Degrees 39 Minutes 16 Seconds West
18    589.16 Feet; thence South 60 Degrees 58 Minutes 55 Seconds
19    West 279.95 Feet; thence South along a line perpendicular
20    to the South Line of the Southwest 1/4 of the aforesaid
21    Section 36, 2427.91 Feet to said South Line; thence East
22    726.33 Feet to the Point of Beginning;



HB3743 Enrolled- 4 -LRB103 25678 DTM 52027 b

1    Also Excepting therefrom that portion dedicated for Public
2    Roadway by Plat of Dedication Recorded as Document
3    0633315190, described as follows:
4    Commencing at the Southeast Corner of Said Section 36;
5    thence Westerly on an assumed bearing of South 89 Degrees
6    07 Minutes 35 Seconds West along the South Line of the
7    South 1/2 of Said Section 36, a Distance of 70 Feet to the
8    Point of Beginning; thence continuing South 89 Degrees 07
9    Minutes 36 Seconds West along the last described Line a
10    Distance of 3446.28 Feet to the Center Line of the North
11    Branch of the Flossmoor Road Drainage Ditch; thence North
12    57 Degrees 00 Minutes 02 Seconds East along said
13    Centerline a Distance of 94.02 Feet to a point of a Line
14    drawn 50 Feet North of and parallel with the South Line of
15    Said Section 36; thence North 89 Degrees 07 Minutes 35
16    Seconds East along said parallel Line a Distance of
17    3296.21 Feet to a point; thence North 43 Degrees 52
18    Minutes 32 Seconds East, a Distance of 98.61 Feet to a
19    point of the West Line of the East 70 Feet of aforesaid
20    Section 36; thence South 01 Degrees 22 Minutes 32 Seconds
21    East along Said West Line of the East 70 Feet, a Distance
22    of 120 Feet to the Point of Beginning;
23    Also Excepting therefrom that portion falling within



HB3743 Enrolled- 5 -LRB103 25678 DTM 52027 b

1    Harlem Avenue as widened), in Cook County, Illinois.
2    Section 15. Transfer to TPPD.
3    (a) The corporate authorities of the TPPD, situated in
4Cook and Will Counties, have determined that it is in the best
5interest of TPPD and its residents to acquire the presently
6unoccupied and unused combined campuses of the Tinley Park
7Mental Health Center and Howe Developmental Center, herein
8after referred to collectively as the Combined Campuses,
9including not only the land but also the several dozen
10existing structures, the existing utility facilities and other
11improvements above, at or below grade level, and all existing
12tangible personal property there, which Combined Campuses are
13presently owned by the State of Illinois, and for TPPD to
14pursue a redevelopment of that property.
15    (b) Notwithstanding any other law of the State of Illinois
16to the contrary, the Director is authorized under this Act to
17sell all right, title, and interest of the State of Illinois in
18and to the Combined Campuses for $1 and such other terms and
19conditions in the quit claim deed, the quit claim bill of sale,
20and ancillary documents that the Director deems appropriate,
21with such sale occurring pursuant to a Purchase and Sale
22Agreement prepared by the Department. The conveyance of the
23Property authorized by this Act shall be made subject to
24existing public roads, existing rights of public utilities,
25existing rights of the public or quasipublic utilities, and



HB3743 Enrolled- 6 -LRB103 25678 DTM 52027 b

1any and all reservations, easements, encumbrances, covenants,
2agreements, and restrictions of record.
3    (c) Each of the documents of transfer shall state on its
4face and be subject to the conditions that the Property (i)
5shall be used for public purposes only, including recreation
6and conservation, and (ii) shall not be used for the purpose of
7gambling authorized by the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975
8or the Illinois Gambling Act, and the documents of transfer
9shall each contain a reverter clause providing, in language
10prepared by and acceptable to the Department, that title to
11the Property shall revert, without further action, to the
12State of Illinois if:
13        (1) the Property is used for any purpose other than a
14    public purpose;
15        (2) an attempt is made to sell the Property or convey
16    or donate the Property in any manner whatsoever; or
17        (3) TPPD or any of its agents allow the property to be
18    used for the purpose of gambling authorized by the
19    Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975 or the Illinois Gambling
20    Act.
21    Section 20. Execution by TPPD; document recording. The
22transfer of title authorized under this Act shall be by quit
23claim deed and quit claim bill of sale, which shall be prepared
24by the Department so that the transfer is on an "AS IS", "WHERE
25IS", and "WITH ALL FAULTS" basis as of the date of sale,



HB3743 Enrolled- 7 -LRB103 25678 DTM 52027 b

1without any representation by the State of Illinois to TPPD,
2or any persons and entities whatsoever, as to Property's
3condition or fitness for any purpose. Both the deed and bill of
4sale shall be executed by TPPD as grantee in order to confirm
5the TPPD's undertakings to abide by the requirements in this
6Act and TPPD's agreement to timely and fully perform its
7obligations as set forth in this Act. All documents of
8transfer shall be recorded in the county in which the Property
9is located.
10    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
11becoming law.