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Full Text of HR0151  103rd General Assembly




HR0151LRB103 31389 ECR 59011 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to commend Alderperson Susan Sadlowski
4Garza on her service to the 10th Ward as a member of the
5Chicago City Council; and
6    WHEREAS, Ald. Sadlowski Garza is a lifelong Chicagoan and
710th Ward resident; she is the daughter of famed steelworker
8and labor leader Edward Sadlowski; she earned her Bachelor of
9Arts from Governors State University and her master's degree
10in Counseling from Concordia University; and
11    WHEREAS, Ald. Sadlowski Garza has dedicated her entire
12life to the youth and families of the 10th Ward, starting out
13as a lunch lady at South Shore High School and later becoming a
14counselor at Jane Addams Elementary School; she is also a
15former area vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union; and
16    WHEREAS, Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza was first elected in
172015, defeating longtime 10th Ward Ald. John Pope by just 20
18votes and becoming the first active member of the Chicago
19Teachers Union to be elected to the Chicago City Council and
20the first woman to represent the 10th Ward; she won her second
21term in 2019, earning nearly 69% of the vote; and



HR0151- 2 -LRB103 31389 ECR 59011 r

1    WHEREAS, During her tenure, Ald. Sadlowski Garza has
2worked to protect public interest, increase equality for women
3and the LGBTQ+ community, and foster business relationships;
4her accomplishments include aiding in raising the minimum wage
5in Chicago to $15 an hour a full two years before the State of
6Illinois did, pushing through the Fair Workweek Ordinance that
7requires most large employers to give their workers a two-week
8notice of their schedules in an effort to reduce the stress
9caused by unpredictable shift work, and recovering over $1
10million for food service workers due to wage theft claims
11against Mondelez and Burger King, among others; and
12    WHEREAS, Ald. Sadlowski Garza has managed to secure major
13school capital investments, including $3.8 million for Jane
14Addams Elementary School, $15 million for Washington High
15School, and $2.8 million for Gallistel Elementary School; she
16has additionally been a part of putting $11.2 million towards
17improvements and infrastructure, which funded such projects as
18track resurfacing at Rowan Park, tree installation from 104th
19to 109th on Torrence Avenue, arts programs and fairs, and the
20installation of new sidewalks and streetlights; and
21    WHEREAS, Ald. Sadlowski Garza has served as chair of the
22Chicago City Council's Progressive Reform Caucus, chair of the
23Committee on Workforce Development, and a member of the
24Committee on Budget and Government Operations, the Committee



HR0151- 3 -LRB103 31389 ECR 59011 r

1on Committees and Rules, the Committee on Education and Child
2Development, the Committee on Ethics and Government Oversight,
3the Committee on Finance, the Committee on Health and Human
4Relations, the Committee on Special Events, Cultural Affairs
5and Recreation, the Committee on Workforce Development, and
6several joint committees; and
7    WHEREAS, Ald. Sadlowski Garza is married to Raul Garza and
8is the proud mother of four children and the grandmother of
9two; therefore, be it
12we commend Alderperson Susan Sadlowski Garza for her work on
13the Chicago City Council, and we thank her for her years of
14dedicated service to the 10th Ward of Chicago and the City of
15Chicago; and be it further
16    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
17presented to Ald. Sadlowski Garza as a symbol of our esteem and