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Full Text of HR0047  103rd General Assembly




HR0047LRB103 30238 ECR 56666 r


2    WHEREAS, Soil loss from sheet and ephemeral gully erosion
3is a major issue in Madison County, totaling over $9,000,000
4of resource loss annually; and
5    WHEREAS, Eroded soil has contributed to sedimentation of
6ditches, ponds, lakes, wetlands, streams, rivers, and other
7areas, increasing the possibility of flooding and
8environmental degradation; and
9    WHEREAS, Agricultural and urban lands contribute to
10runoff, which pollutes the water supply; and
11    WHEREAS, The major water quality impairments in Madison
12County are sediment, nutrients, pesticides, heavy metals,
13fecal coliform, and pathogens; and
14    WHEREAS, Urban development in Madison County has
15significantly increased water runoff and is causing the
16potential for increased soil erosion and downstream flooding;
18    WHEREAS, Most urban development has been on prime
19farmland, and more farmland is being used by new, large farms
20to cultivate cash crops in former pasture and hay fields,



HR0047- 2 -LRB103 30238 ECR 56666 r

1expediting soil erosion; and
2    WHEREAS, Urban development has caused fragmentation of
3wildlife habitats in former farmland, woodland, and other
4natural areas, causing a major negative impact on species
5diversity in Madison County; and
6    WHEREAS, Air quality due to industrial activity is also an
7issue, which is compounded by wind erosion of sandy soils in
8the American Bottom; and
9    WHEREAS, The Madison County Soil and Water Conservation
10District (SWCD) was organized under the Illinois Soil
11Conservation Act in 1945 to conserve soil, water, wildlife,
12and forest resources of Madison County; and
13    WHEREAS, The Madison County SWCD mission statement is "to
14continue to guide landowners, farmers, municipalities,
15developers, contractors, and others to the wise use of our
16natural resources"; and
17    WHEREAS, The Madison County SWCD has been proactive in
18confronting these environmental concerns through providing
19technical assistance to landowners, local units of government,
20developers, contractors, and other stakeholders to assist them
21in planning and applying conservation measures, including to



HR0047- 3 -LRB103 30238 ECR 56666 r

1landowners participating in the United States Department of
2Agriculture Farm Bill Conservation Programs; and
3    WHEREAS, The Madison County SWCD also provides education
4programs to help students and other members of the public
5understand the economic and environmental benefits of natural
6resource conservation; and
7    WHEREAS, The Madison County SWCD provides inspections on
8storm water permits as issued by the Illinois Environmental
9Protection Agency; and
10    WHEREAS, The Madison County SWCD assists the Madison
11County Planning and Development Office, cooperates with State
12agencies, and develops annual reports highlighting
13accomplishments and progress in addressing natural resource
14issues in the county; and
15    WHEREAS, The Madison County SWCD provides planning,
16survey, and design for the State of Illinois Partners for
17Conservation Program and provides onsite technical visits for
18resource management; therefore, be it
21we recognize the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation



HR0047- 4 -LRB103 30238 ECR 56666 r

1District on its 75th anniversary and acknowledge the
2contributions made by its directors who have impacted the
3health of the people, land, and communities of their county
4for the better; and be it further
5    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
6presented to the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation
7District and its officers, Chair Jason Hirsch, Vice Chair Lisa
8Coverdale, Treasurer Tim Palmer, Co-Treasurer Frederick
9Martens, and Secretary Tom Moss as an expression of our
10respect and esteem for a successful first 75 years of service
11on the front lines of resource conservation in Illinois.