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Full Text of SB2043  103rd General Assembly




State of Illinois
2023 and 2024


Introduced 2/9/2023, by Sen. Steve Stadelman


415 ILCS 5/9.19 new

    Amends the Environmental Protection Act. Requires the Environmental Protection Agency to establish a voucher program to promote the use of electric vehicles by offering, subject to appropriation, a voucher in specified amounts per electric vehicle purchased or leased. Requires vouchers to be (1) made available for electric vehicles that are registered in Illinois or recognized under the International Registration Plan, (2) issued only to applicants who have a primary residence in Illinois, and (3) made available for direct purchases, purchases through third-party bulk orders, and leasing of electric vehicles. Provides that an applicant shall submit a proof of purchase, lease, or other binding contract regarding the electric vehicle in order to be awarded the voucher. Contains other requirements. Defines "electric vehicle". Contains other provisions.

LRB103 28447 CPF 54827 b





SB2043LRB103 28447 CPF 54827 b

1    AN ACT concerning safety.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 3. Findings. The General Assembly finds that:
5        (1) Accelerating the use of electric vehicles will
6    help address Illinois' serious ozone nonattainment issues
7    and provide significant public health benefits to Illinois
8    residents.
9        (2) Historically underserved communities are likely to
10    benefit the most from this transition because they tend to
11    be close to highways and warehouses where pollution from
12    medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles is the most
13    concentrated.
14        (3) Medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles with a gross
15    vehicle weight ranking (GVWR) of more than 8,500 pounds
16    comprise only 5% of vehicles on the road, but they are
17    responsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, 42% of
18    on-road emissions of nitrous oxide, and 51% of on-road
19    PM2.5 emissions nationally.
20        (4) Transitioning medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles,
21    especially the heaviest and most polluting vehicles, to
22    zero-emission models will significantly reduce air
23    pollution and greenhouse gas emissions consistent with
24    relevant State and federal laws and the State's public



SB2043- 2 -LRB103 28447 CPF 54827 b

1    policy goals.
2        (5) Widespread adoption of medium-duty and heavy-duty
3    vehicles will create significant economic benefits through
4    reduced fueling and maintenance costs for both public and
5    private fleets and will avoid costs related to negative
6    health outcomes, hospital visits, and missed workdays.
7        (6) Numerous companies working in the zero-emission
8    vehicle industry operate within the State of Illinois,
9    creating high-paying jobs and economic growth for the
10    State. Policies encouraging adoption of zero-emission
11    medium-duty vehicles and zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles
12    will support this burgeoning industry in Illinois.
13        (7) Illinois lacks a program that can help bring down
14    the upfront costs of zero-emission medium-duty vehicles
15    and zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles and that can help
16    fleet operators realize the cost savings of this new
17    technology and spur long-term economic development in the
18    State.
19        (8) Illinois can use federal funds available under the
20    federal Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 to achieve zero
21    emissions from medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.
22    Section 5. The Environmental Protection Act is amended by
23adding Section 9.19 as follows:
24    (415 ILCS 5/9.19 new)



SB2043- 3 -LRB103 28447 CPF 54827 b

1    Sec. 9.19. Electric vehicle voucher program.
2    (a) The Agency shall establish a voucher program to
3promote the use of electric vehicles. Subject to
4appropriation, the program shall offer a voucher of up to
5$40,000 for each purchased or leased electric vehicle,
6including the cost of charging equipment required for the
7electric vehicle, subject to the following limitations:
8        (1) Any commercial clean vehicle credit available
9    under Section 45W of the Internal Revenue Code to an
10    applicant for the electric vehicle for which the voucher
11    is to be awarded shall be subtracted from the amount of the
12    voucher under this Section.
13        (2) An applicant may not receive a voucher under this
14    Section if the value of the federal tax credit described
15    under paragraph (1), the voucher under this Section, and
16    any other governmental incentive for the electric vehicle
17    exceed the vehicle's Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price
18    (MSRP) minus the MSRP of a vehicle deemed to be a
19    comparable internal combustion vehicle under guidance of
20    the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
21    (b) Vouchers offered under this Section shall be made
22available for electric vehicles that are registered in
23Illinois or recognized under the International Registration
24Plan and whose applicant has a primary residence in Illinois.
25Vouchers must be made available for direct purchases,
26purchases through third-party bulk orders, and leasing of



SB2043- 4 -LRB103 28447 CPF 54827 b

1electric vehicles.
2    (c) After an applicant receives notification that the
3applicant's voucher request has been granted preliminary
4approval by the Agency, the applicant shall submit a proof of
5purchase, lease, or other binding contract regarding the
6electric vehicle in order to be awarded the voucher. The
7preliminary approval of the voucher request may be renewed at
83-month intervals for up to 18 months, pending receipt of the
9applicant's proof of purchase, lease, or other binding
10contract regarding the purchase or leasing of the electric
12    (d) A person who receives a voucher under this Section
13must retain title or right of use of the electric vehicle
14incentivized under the program for a minimum of 36 consecutive
15months after the purchase date or lease date of the electric
16vehicle. Resale or sublease of the electric vehicle for
17financial gain within 36 months after the purchase date or
18lease date is prohibited.
19    (e) If the electric vehicle of an applicant is leased, a
20lease term of at least 36 months is required for the electric
21vehicle to be eligible for the program.
22    (f) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person
23may receive a grant under this Section for an electric vehicle
24that has received a low-duty vehicle credit from the State.
25The Agency shall adopt rules prohibiting a person from
26receiving a low-duty vehicle credit from the State for an



SB2043- 5 -LRB103 28447 CPF 54827 b

1electric vehicle if the person has received a voucher under
2this Section for that electric vehicle.
3    (g) In this Section, "electric vehicle" means a vehicle
4that is exclusively powered by and refueled by electricity,
5must be plugged in to charge, is licensed to drive on public
6roadways, and is classified by the USEPA as a medium duty or
7heavy duty vehicle.