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Full Text of HB1325  93rd General Assembly

HB1325 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 10527 RCE 10781 b

 1        AN ACT concerning State employees.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section 5.  The State Employees Political Activity Act is
 5    amended by changing Section 3 as follows:

 6        (5 ILCS 320/3) (from Ch. 24 1/2, par. 38u)
 7        Sec.  3.  (a)  No  employee  hereunder shall be denied or
 8    deprived of employment solely because he is a  member  or  an
 9    officer of a political committee, of a political party, or of
10    a political organization or club; nor shall he be required as
11    a  condition  of  his  employment  or  tenure to work or make
12    contributions  in  behalf  of  any  political  party  or  any
13    candidate for political office.
14        (b)  State  employees  have  the  right  to   engage   in
15    political  work  that  does not interfere with their official
16    duties, provided that:
17             (1)  No political work may be  conducted  while  (i)
18        acting  in an official capacity as a State employee, (ii)
19        at a public employment work site, or  (iii)  using  State
20        owned or leased property.
21             (2)  State  employees  who  work  part-time  for the
22        State while engaging in political work in their non-State
23        time  must  file  weekly  time  sheets  documenting,   in
24        quarter-hour increments, the time spent each day on their
25        official  State  duties. These reports shall be available
26        to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.
27             (3)  State employees  who  work  part-time  for  the
28        State while engaging in political work in their non-State
29        time   may   elect  to  suspend  their  health  insurance
30        coverage,  earning  of  pension   credits,   accrual   of
31        vacations,   accrual   of  seniority,  and  other  fringe
                            -2-      LRB093 10527 RCE 10781 b
 1        benefits during the period they work  part-time  for  the
 2        State.   No  such  part-time employee shall receive these
 3        fringe benefits unless he or she reimburses the State, on
 4        a pro-rated basis, for the time he or she is not  engaged
 5        in his or her official duties.
 6             (4)  Nothing in this Section shall be interpreted to
 7        allow  any activities otherwise prohibited by Illinois or
 8        federal laws.
 9    (Source: Laws 1957, p. 1868.)