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Full Text of HB0002  93rd General Assembly

HB0002enr 93rd General Assembly


HB0002 Enrolled                      LRB093 02391 LRD 02399 b

 1        AN ACT in relation to alcoholic liquor.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.  The Liquor Control Act of 1934 is amended by
 5    changing Section 12-4 as follows:

 6        (235 ILCS 5/12-4)
 7        Sec. 12-4. Grape and Wine Resources Fund.  Beginning July
 8    1, 1999 and ending June 30, 2006 2004, on the  first  day  of
 9    each  State  fiscal  year,  or  as  soon thereafter as may be
10    practical, the State Comptroller shall transfer  the  sum  of
11    $500,000  from the General Revenue Fund to the Grape and Wine
12    Resources Fund, which is hereby continued as a  special  fund
13    in  the  State  Treasury.   By  January  1,  2006  2004,  the
14    Department of Commerce and Community Affairs shall review the
15    activities  of the Council and report to the General Assembly
16    and the Governor its recommendation of  whether  or  not  the
17    funding under this Section should be continued.
18        The  Grape  and Wine Resources Fund shall be administered
19    by the Department of Commerce and  Community  Affairs,  which
20    shall  serve as the lead administrative agency for allocation
21    and  auditing  of  funds  as  well  as   monitoring   program
22    implementation.  The Department shall make an annual grant of
23    moneys  from  the Fund to the Council, which shall be used to
24    pay for the Council's operations and expenses.  These  moneys
25    shall  be  used  by  the  Council  to  achieve  the Council's
26    objectives and  shall  not  be  used  for  any  political  or
27    legislative  purpose.  Money remaining in the Fund at the end
28    of the fiscal year shall remain in the Fund  for  use  during
29    the  following year and shall not be transferred to any other
30    State fund.
31    (Source: P.A. 91-472, eff. 8-10-99.)