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Full Text of HB4357  93rd General Assembly



State of Illinois
2003 and 2004


Introduced 02/02/04, by George Scully Jr.



    Creates the Third 2004 General Revisory Act. Combines multiple versions of Sections amended by more than one Public Act. Renumbers Sections of various Acts to eliminate duplication. Corrects obsolete citations and technical errors. Makes stylistic changes. Effective immediately.

LRB093 16909 EFG 42566 b





HB4357 LRB093 16909 EFG 42566 b

1     AN ACT to revise the law by combining mu
2 ltiple enactments and making technical corrections.
     Be it enacted by the People of the S
4 tate of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly:
5     Section 1. Nature of this Act.     (a) This Act may be cited as the T
7 hird 2004 General Revisory Act.     (b) This Act is not intended to make any s
9 ubstantive change in the law. It reconciles conflicts that
10 have arisen from multiple amendments and enactments an
11 d makes technical corrections and revisions in the law.     This Act revises and, where appropriate,
13 renumbers certain Sections that have been added or amended
14 by more than one Public Act. In certain cases in which a repeal
15 ed Act or Section has been replaced with a successor law, this
16 Act incorporates amendments to the repealed Act or Section i
17 nto the successor law. This Act also corrects errors, revises cross-references, and deletes obsolete text.     (c) In this Act, the reference at the en
20 d of each amended Section indicates the sources in the Session
21 Laws of Illinois that were used in the preparation of the text
22 of that Section. The text of the Section included in this A
23 ct is intended to reconcile the different versions of the Sec
24 tion found in the Public Acts included in the list of sou
25 rces, but may not include other versions of the Section to b
26 e found in Public Acts not included in the list of sources. Th
27 e list of sources is not a part of the text of the Section.     (d) Public Acts 92-520 through 93-653 w
29 ere considered in the preparation of the combining revisories
30 included in this Act. Many of those combining revisories conta
31 in no striking or underscoring because no additional changes
32 are being made in the material that is being combined.



HB4357 - 2 - LRB093 16909 EFG 42566 b

1     Section 997. No acceleration or delay. Where this Act makes changes in a statute that is represent
3 ed in this Act by text that is not yet or no longer in effec
4 t (for example, a Section represented by multiple versions), the
5 use of that text does not accelerate or delay the taking
6 effect of (i) the changes made by this Act or (ii) provisions
7 derived from any other Public Act.
8     Section 998. No revival or extension.
9 This Act does not revive or extend any Section or Act otherwise repealed.
10     Section 999. Effective date. This Act
11 takes effect upon becoming law.