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Full Text of HR0203  93rd General Assembly

HR0203 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 11444 HSS 14321 r

 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The members of the House of Representatives wish
 3    to congratulate Berardo J. "Dee" DeSimone on the occasion  of
 4    his  retirement  as  Regional  Superintendent  of SchoolS for
 5    DuPage  County  and  to  thank  him  for  his  devotion   and
 6    commitment to education for 59 years; and

 7        WHEREAS,  In 1944, when he was 19 years old, Mr. DeSimone
 8    began his career with  the  Chicago  Board  of  Education  as
 9    Recreational  Director;  he  received his Bachelor of Science
10    Degree in 1949 from DePaul University; he holds an All  Grade
11    Supervisory  Certificate,  a  High School Certificate, and an
12    Elementary Supervisory Certificate; he received his Master of
13    Science Degree from Northern Illinois University in 1959; and

14        WHEREAS, Mr. DeSimone was a teacher for the Chicago Board
15    of Education from 1948 until 1950; from 1950 until  1952,  he
16    valiantly  served  his  country  in  the U.S. Army during the
17    Korean War; and

18        WHEREAS, He returned home  to  work  in  Berkeley  School
19    District  #87  from  1952  until  1974,  serving  in  various
20    positions  including  Assistant  Principal,  Director  of the
21    Physical   Education   Department,    Principal,    Assistant
22    Superintendent  of  Schools, and finally as Superintendent of
23    Schools; in  1973,  he  was  honored  with  the  Cook  County
24    Superintendent Distinguished Service Award; and

25        WHEREAS,  Mr. DeSimone was employed by the Illinois State
26    Board of  Education  from  1974  until  1976;  he  served  as
27    Assistant  Regional  Superintendent of Schools and then First
28    Assistant  Regional  Superintendent  of  Schools  for  DuPage
29    County from  1976  until  1985;  he  has  been  the  Regional
30    Superintendent of Schools of DuPage County since 1985; and

31        WHEREAS,  Mr.  DeSimone  has  been a strong and effective
                            -2-      LRB093 11444 HSS 14321 r
 1    leader, committed to increasing  the  learning  opportunities
 2    available to all students; he has been actively involved with
 3    citizen's  committees, PTA groups, and other service clubs in
 4    order to obtain new ideas for the management of DuPage County
 5    schools;  he  has  served  as  chairman  of  several   groups
 6    including  the  Illinois State Board of Education Health/Life
 7    Safety  Advisory  Board  Committee,  the   Public   Education
 8    Committee  of  the  DuPage  Division  of  the American Cancer
 9    Society, and the Selective Service Board  #52,  Great  Lakes,
10    Illinois;  he  has  served  on governor's committees and is a
11    member of several professional organizations; and

12        WHEREAS,  Mr.  DeSimone  married  Sally  Rose  DeLuca  on
13    November 11, 1951; he moved to  Elmhurst  in  1957  where  he
14    lives today; he is a member of Visitation Catholic Church; he
15    is  the father of four children, the grandfather of nine, and
16    great-grandfather of three; therefore, be it

19    we congratulate Mr. Berardo J. "Dee" DeSimone on the occasion
20    of his retirement as Regional Superintendent of  Schools  for
21    DuPage  County,  and  we  thank  him  for  his  devotion  and
22    commitment to education for 59 years; and be it further

23        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
24    presented to Berardo J. "Dee" DeSimone  as  a  token  of  our
25    respect  and  esteem  and with our best wishes for a peaceful
26    and relaxing retirement.