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Full Text of HR0347  93rd General Assembly

HR0347 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 11968 HSS 16646 r

 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, United Way of Illinois was incorporated  in  the
 3    State  of  Illinois on the 22nd day of February, 1978, naming
 4    Charles A. Bane, a volunteer leader, its first chairman; and

 5        WHEREAS, United Way of Illinois is celebrating  its  25th
 6    Anniversary on July 23, 2003; and

 7        WHEREAS,   United   Way   of   Illinois  is  a  statewide
 8    organization  of  52   member   United   Ways,   representing
 9    communities  across  Illinois, which influences public policy
10    issues impacting the nonprofit sector; and

11        WHEREAS,   The   organization   maximizes   collaborative
12    resources among local United Ways,  nonprofits,  foundations,
13    donors and government; and

14        WHEREAS,  In  the mid 1970s, United Ways became concerned
15    that  government  was  becoming  increasingly   involved   in
16    programs  and  issues impacting human services with little or
17    no input from the nonprofit human services sector; and

18        WHEREAS, Determined to address this issue, the  statewide
19    Board  at  its  annual  meeting  in 1975 adopted a resolution
20    formally establishing a United Way of Illinois,  changing  it
21    from  an  organization  made  up  exclusively  of  United Way
22    executives  to  one  with  broad-based  involvement  of  both
23    volunteer leaders and staff executives; and

24        WHEREAS, Its defined purpose and objectives were  "To  be
25    an  effective  voice for volunteerism in Illinois, addressing
26    public policy issues affecting the United Way  movement,  and
27    assisting   local  United  Ways  in  achieving  the  national
28    Standards of Excellence"; and

29        WHEREAS, In 1977, United Way of Illinois held  its  first
30    Governor's  Breakfast  where  Governor Jim Thompson announced
                           -2-       LRB093 11968 HSS 16646 r
 1    the creation of  the  title  XX  "Donated  Funds  Initiative"
 2    program  in  Illinois, allowing nonprofits a 3-for-1 match in
 3    government funds supporting human service programs, opening a
 4    new era of cooperation between  government  and  the  private
 5    sector; and

 6        WHEREAS, Since its incorporation in 1978, a strong public
 7    policy  agenda has been developed, leading to important human
 8    service  achievements,  including:   Establishing   nonprofit
 9    insurance   risk-pooling;   Developing   volunteer   immunity
10    legislation;   Establishing   the  nationally  emulated  FEMA
11    set-aside program in  Illinois;  Creating  a  "Volunteers  in
12    Public  Administration"  program  bringing  together business
13    leaders   who   assisted   State   Government   in    various
14    administrative   areas;   Establishing   the  Illinois  Donor
15    Advisory Committee in 1990, made up of nonprofit, government,
16    business, and civic leaders, to monitor unethical  charitable
17    practices;  Serving  on  the  Governor's  Task Force on Human
18    Services Reform, working  side-by-side  with  government  and
19    human  service  providers  to  bring about fair and equitable
20    changes in the State and national welfare system, and helping
21    many disadvantaged  individuals  to  become  self-sufficient;
22    Leading  efforts  to  establish  "211"  in  Illinois,  a non-
23    emergency information and referral system linking individuals
24    with human services in their local communities;  and  Serving
25    on  the Advisory Committee of the State Employee Campaign, on
26    the Governor's Social Services Advisory  Committee,  and  the
27    Attorney General's Charitable Oversight Committee; and

28        WHEREAS,  United  Way of Illinois has contributed a great
29    deal to improve the state of human services in  Illinois  and
30    in the nation; and

31        WHEREAS,  It  has  grown  in  ability, understanding, and
32    effectiveness as it carries out its mission; therefore, be it
                           -3-       LRB093 11968 HSS 16646 r
 3    we commemorate the United Way of Illinois on the occasion  of
 4    its  25th  Anniversary, and hereby extend our congratulations
 5    to the United Way movement in Illinois; and be it further

 6        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  Resolution  be
 7    presented to the United Way of Illinois.