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Full Text of HR0043  93rd General Assembly

HR0043 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 09457 KEF 09692 r

 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, On September  11,  2001  the  United  States  of
 3    America  was suddenly and deliberately attacked by terrorists
 4    who hijacked and crashed two airliners into the  World  Trade
 5    Center  in  New  York City, one airliner into the Pentagon in
 6    Arlington,  Virginia,  and  one  airliner  just  outside   of
 7    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and

 8        WHEREAS,  The  terrorist  attacks  took the lives of more
 9    than 3,000  passengers,  flight  attendants,  pilots,  office
10    workers, bystanders, and rescuers burned or buried under tons
11    of rubble or trapped on the hijacked planes; and

12        WHEREAS, The United States of America thereby began a war
13    on  terrorism  to  hunt down and punish those responsible for
14    the terrorist  attacks,  and  in  the  process  liberated  an
15    oppressed  people  living  under  the  rule of the Taliban in
16    Afghanistan; and

17        WHEREAS, The men and women of our armed  forces,  active,
18    reserve  and National Guard, have proven by their outstanding
19    performance of duty in Afghanistan and other places  such  as
20    Panama, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, and
21    other   locations  while  accomplishing  a  wide  variety  of
22    missions from war fighting to disaster relief, that  military
23    service  is  unique  and  provides  a critical service to our
24    nation; and

25        WHEREAS, More than 5,000 Illinois soldiers are serving in
26    support of Operation Enduring Freedom as part of our nation's
27    war on terrorism, in support of a potential war against Iraq,
28    and for other engagements  abroad,  performing  their  duties
29    with courage and great distinction; and

30        WHEREAS,  The  State of Illinois recognizes the continued
31    dedicated service of these men and women who serve the  State
                         -2-         LRB093 09457 KEF 09692 r
 1    and  the nation by protecting the lives and property of their
 2    families, friends, and neighbors; and

 3        WHEREAS, The State of Illinois recognizes  with  profound
 4    gratitude  the  alliance  of  the  nations  of Great Britain,
 5    Australia, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary,
 6    Portugal, Denmark, and other nations that have offered active
 7    support to the United States at this time; therefore, be it

10    we honor  the  brave  and  selfless  men  and  women  of  all
11    components  of  the United States and allied armed forces for
12    their great personal sacrifice, for their dedication  to  our
13    State  and  country,  for  their  defense  of our freedom and
14    security, and for their willingness to  answer  the  call  to
15    duty  during  this  time  of danger to our country; and be it
16    further

17        RESOLVED, That we pay especial honor to the men and women
18    on active service from  Illinois,  as  they  undertake  their
19    perilous missions; and be it further

20        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
21    presented  to  the  President  of  the  United  States,   the
22    Secretary   of   Defense,   the   members   of  the  Illinois
23    congressional delegation, and the  Adjutant  General  of  the
24    Illinois Department of Military Affairs.