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Full Text of HR0556  93rd General Assembly

HR0556 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 14396 HSS 20029 r

 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The  members   of   the   Illinois   House   of
 3    Representatives  offer  our  sincere congratulations to Coach
 4    Joe Newton, the 2003 York Community High  School  Boys  Cross
 5    Country  Team,  and  the entire York Community High School on
 6    winning the Class AA State Championship Title; and

 7        WHEREAS, The Dukes began the season ranked number one and
 8    finished the season first at the Class AA meet at  Netweiller
 9    Park in Peoria; and

10        WHEREAS,  Coach  Joseph  Newton, one of the most talented
11    cross country and track coaches in history, has led the  York
12    Community  High School Dukes to a remarkable 23 State titles;
13    and

14        WHEREAS, The  Dukes  Cross  Country  team  completed  the
15    season  undefeated  at  the  freshman, sophomore, and varsity
16    levels; and

17        WHEREAS, The  Dukes  won  the  West  Suburban  Conference
18    Championship  at the freshman, sophomore, and varsity levels;
19    and

20        WHEREAS, The Dukes  also  won  the  Palatine  and  Peoria
21    Invitational at all levels; and

22        WHEREAS,   Before   winning   the  Illinois  High  School
23    Association State Meet, the Dukes won  the  Hinsdale  Central
24    Regional and the Niles West Sectional; and

25        WHEREAS,  The Dukes won the State boys cross country meet
26    with 86 points, with the  assistance  of  Sean  McNamara  who
27    finished third overall; and

28        WHEREAS,  Sean  McNamara,  Mark Fruin, Eric Dettman, Matt
29    Dettman, John Fry, Brian Marchese, and Josh Sharko worked  as
30    a team to win by an 88 point margin; and
                            -2-      LRB093 14396 HSS 20029 r
 1        WHEREAS,  Matt  Montgomery, Roger Billhardt, Mike Arnold,
 2    David  Montgomery,  Nick  Kuczwara,  Matt   Edwards,   Lionel
 3    Montenegro, Tim Jung, and Konrad Piotrowski assisted the York
 4    Dukes in their battle for victory as alternates; and

 5        WHEREAS, Also supporting the Dukes drive for victory were
 6    Antonio Fasano, Keith Eadon, Mike Gasca, and Pat Tomasiewicz,
 7    the team managers; and

 8        WHEREAS, We recognize the dedication of Coach Newton, the
 9    Athletic   Department,   and  the  entire  York  High  School
10    community in their tireless  efforts  to  train  and  educate
11    superior athletes and well-rounded students; and

12        WHEREAS,  The Dukes have given countless hours and all of
13    their energy to winning the Cross Country State Championship;
14    and

15        WHEREAS,  This  victory  is  shared  with  the  families,
16    friends, York Community High School, and the entire  Elmhurst
17    community, who have cheered on the team all season; and

18        WHEREAS,  This  title  is a source of great pride for the
19    team, school, and community; and

20        WHEREAS, We recognize the talent of these young  athletes
21    and their coaches; therefore, be it

24    we  do  hereby  offer our congratulations to Coach Joe Newton
25    and the members of the York Community High School Boys  Cross
26    Country  Team  on their 23rd State Championship Title; and be
27    it further

28        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
29    presented  to  Coach  Joe  Newton,  Superintendent  Dr.  Joel
30    Morris,  Principal  Dr.  Linda Yonke, Athletic Director Craig

                            -3-      LRB093 14396 HSS 20029 r
 1    Davelis, Assistant Coach Charlie Kern,  Team  Doctor  Michael
 2    Calcagno, York Community High School, and the team members.