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Full Text of HR0636  93rd General Assembly



HR0636 LRB093 17547 KEF 43216 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives offer our sincere congratulations to the
4 Driscoll Catholic High School Football Team on winning the
5 Class 4A State Championship on November 28, 2003; and
6     WHEREAS, Driscoll Catholic High School located in Addison,
7 Illinois, is under the direction of the Diocese of Joliet and
8 was founded under the Sisters of St. Francis and the Brothers
9 of the Christian Schools; and
10     WHEREAS, This victory marks Driscoll's third straight
11 State championship; and
12     WHEREAS, Under Coach Tim Racki, the Highlanders overcame
13 Prairie Central in a well fought battle at the University of
14 Illinois, Memorial Stadium, winning by a final score of 37 to
15 21; and
16      WHEREAS, With the support of Assistant Coaches Mike
17 Burzawa, Dan Cepek, Nick Gebhart, Kevin Hanrahan, Bob LaMantia,
18 Mike Loconsole, Brandon New, Nick Cicero, Joe Bertagna, Pat
19 Ryan, Jeff Eggert, Joe Petro, Jon Pullia, Matt Munjoy, Bob
20 Crowe, Shawn Nykaza, and Bill Erzig, Driscoll was victorious
21 for the third straight year reclaiming the State championship;
22 and
23     WHEREAS, Superintendent Stephen Marth, Principal Fred
24 Muehleman, and Athletic Director Robert Carlson have worked
25 hard to continue the winning tradition of the athletic program
26 at Driscoll Catholic High School; and
27     WHEREAS, Campus Minister Laraine Parker guided the team
28 spiritually throughout the season; and



HR0636 - 2 - LRB093 17547 KEF 43216 r

1     WHEREAS, The Highlanders overcame injuries and adversity
2 to end the season undefeated; and
3     WHEREAS, We offer our congratulations to graduating
4 seniors Nick Lamantia, Tom Relin, Danny Ceik, Matt Kish, Mike
5 Stamek, Mike Dileo, Joe Senese, Greg Turner, Mike Segreti,
6 James Tranchitella, Frank Tenuto, Billy Morris, Frank
7 Gonzlaez, Chris Morales, Josh Weldon, Tony Speer, Mike
8 Gallichio, Nathan Miller, Frank Roppo, Luke Mroz, Tom Wagner,
9 Steve Tonorio, Tom Robinson, Matt Troutman, and Ian Faunt who
10 guided their team to victory; and
11     WHEREAS, The Driscoll football team also included John
12 Tranchitella, Dustin Miller, Phil Pedi, Mike Conti, Ray Lao,
13 Shane Franken, Rick Albreski, Ryan Leahy, Kyle Jenkins, Justin
14 Nudo, Joe Laraia, Ryan Lesniak, Ryan Meyer, Eddie Loconte, Mike
15 Redpath, Nick Giacobbe, Mike Lotz, Dominic Senese, Joe
16 Stapleton, Glenn Adam, Mike Gainey, Eric Caldwell, Ryan Hayden,
17 Ryan Maritote, Mike Fenell, Jeff Turner, Danny Oliverio,
18 Patrick Phillips, Matt Boisacy, Joe Saverino, John Laurel, John
19 Stenzel, Donny Grieco, Francesco Adamo, Dan Jarach, Domic
20 Fontano, Joe Taylor, and Ben Boffa; and
21     WHEREAS, The offensive team included Ray Lao, Danny Cwik,
22 Steve Tenorio, Johnny Tranchitella, Greg Turner, Mike Segreti,
23 Billy Morris, Tony Speer, Frank Roppo, Danny Oliverio, and Dan
24 Jarach; and
25     WHEREAS, Completing the Highlander defense were Luke Mroz,
26 James Tranchitella, Johnny Tranchitella, Nathan Miller, Kyle
27 Jenkins, Justin Nudo, Ryan Lesniak, Ryan Meyer, Mike Segreti,
28 Greg Turner, and Matt Kish; and
29     WHEREAS, Driscoll receiver Greg Turner tied a Class 4A
30 championship record with 8 pass receptions and established a
31 new record with 210 yards receiving; and



HR0636 - 3 - LRB093 17547 KEF 43216 r

1     WHEREAS, Returning kicker Rick Albreski broke his own 4A
2 title game record of 2 field goals set in 2001, kicking two 32
3 yard field goals, and a 43 yard field goal; and
4     WHEREAS, The team could not have achieved so much success
5 without the assistance of trainers Oliver Ramiro and Matt
6 Munjoy, statistician Bob Crowe, and President of Football
7 Operations Ken Mahaney and Terry Tranchitella; and
8     WHEREAS, We recognize the accomplishment of these young
9 athletes and their coaches; therefore, be it
12 congratulations to Coach Tim Racki and the members of the
13 Driscoll Catholic High School Football Team on winning the 2003
14 Class 4A State Championship Title; and be it further
15     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
16 presented to Coach Tim Racki, Driscoll Catholic High School,
17 and the Highlander team members.