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HR0974 LRB093 22311 HSS 51395 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to offer our sincere appreciation
4 to Dr. Andrew Prinz for his many years of service as chair and
5 professor of urban studies at Elmhurst College; and
6     WHEREAS, Dr. Prinz holds degrees from both Augustana
7 College and Northwestern University; and
8     WHEREAS, Dr. Prinz grew up in Chicago's 43rd ward and
9 served as an elected official in his home town of Oak Park; and
10     WHEREAS, Dr. Prinz first joined the Elmhurst College family
11 in 1969; and
12     WHEREAS, In the same year, his expertise helped him found
13 the Urban Studies program at Elmhurst College; and
14     WHEREAS, For the last 45 years, he has displayed a passion
15 for teaching, as well as enthusiasm for his students and the
16 urban studies topic; and
17     WHEREAS, His desire to share his knowledge has led him to
18 teach urban studies from as far away as Beijing and Moscow to
19 New Orleans and Toronto, and back home in his native Chicago;
20 and
21     WHEREAS, This past year Elmhurst College has honored Dr.
22 Prinz's achievements through the Elmhurst College Student
23 Government Association founding the annual Andrew K. Prinz
24 Lecture for Political Awareness, the Elmhurst College Alumni
25 Cabinet creating a Faculty Merit Award bearing Prinz's name,
26 and the College's Board of Trustees naming Dr. Prinz as
27 professor emeritus; and



HR0974 - 2 - LRB093 22311 HSS 51395 r

1     WHEREAS, He has helped Elmhurst College develop stronger
2 ties with State legislators and community leaders, further
3 enhancing the college's stature in Illinois; and
4     WHEREAS, Under his tenure, he has initiated many unique
5 educational programs and lecture series, involved the
6 community within the school, and has created a strong urban
7 studies program through his leadership; and
8     WHEREAS, Dr. Prinz's unique experiences and superb
9 teaching methods make his classes memorable for his students;
10 and
11     WHEREAS, Dr. Prinz has earned a loyal following among
12 students and alumni due to his keen insights on politics and
13 architecture, coupled with his humor and joy for city life; and
14     WHEREAS, His commitment to education and political
15 awareness has helped shape the minds and lives of hundreds of
16 young men and women; and
17     WHEREAS, The entire Elmhurst community respects and
18 appreciates his tireless efforts in and out of the classroom;
19 and
20     WHEREAS, Elmhurst College, the City of Elmhurst, and the
21 State of Illinois are proud to call Dr. Prinz our teacher,
22 mentor, and friend; therefore, be it
25 do hereby offer our appreciation to Dr. Andrew K. Prinz; and be
26 it further
27     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
28 presented to Dr. Prinz and his family.