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Full Text of SJR0004  93rd General Assembly

SJR0004 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 10630 EFG 10927 r

 1                       SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS,  The General Assembly takes pride in recognizing
 3    the accomplishments and contributions of  Illinois  officials
 4    and citizens; and

 5        WHEREAS,  The   General  Assembly,  as  an  august  body,
 6    exercises discerning judgement in  resolutions  to  cite  the
 7    noted  achievements  of  a select individual, especially when
 8    bestowing one of the highest methods of  recognition  by  the
 9    State; and

10        WHEREAS,  Justice  Benjamin  K.  Miller  began serving as
11    Circuit Court Judge in Illinois for the 7th Judicial  Circuit
12    in  1976;  he  was  the  Presiding  Judge  in  that Circuit's
13    criminal felony division, and in 1981 was the Chief Judge  of
14    the  7th  Judicial  Circuit;  he  was  elected in 1982 to the
15    Fourth District Appellate Court and in 1984 to  the  Illinois
16    Supreme  Court;  he  served  as Chief Justice of the Illinois
17    Supreme Court from 1991 to 1994; and

18        WHEREAS,  Justice  Miller  served  the  judicial   branch
19    wisely  at  all  three  levels  of the Illinois court system,
20    wrote  numerous  landmark  judicial  opinions,   made   noble
21    contributions  to  jurisprudence,  and served his profession,
22    the citizens, and the State of Illinois  with  integrity  and
23    distinction; and

24        WHEREAS,  Benjamin Miller has made vital contributions of
25    service and merit to the State of Illinois and to the State's
26    citizens,  and he deserves to have his achievements noted and
27    remembered by current and future  generations,  as  they  are
28    honored by the General Assembly today; therefore, be it

31    REPRESENTATIVES  CONCURRING  HEREIN,  that  we rename the 4th
                            -2-      LRB093 10630 EFG 10927 r
 1    District Appellate Court Building at 201 West  Monroe  Street
 2    in  Springfield  in  honor of Justice Benjamin Miller, and in
 3    implementing this honor, we designate that court building  as
 4    the  Justice  Benjamin  Miller  4th  District Appellate Court
 5    Building; and be it further

 6        RESOLVED, That  suitable  copies  of  this  preamble  and
 7    resolution be presented to Justice Benjamin Miller and to the
 8    Director of Central Management Services, the Chief Justice of
 9    the   Illinois   Supreme   Court,  and  the  other  operating
10    authorities for the cited building.