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SR0514 LRB093 21760 KEF 49669 r


2     WHEREAS, About one million children ride in school buses in
3 Illinois; and
4     WHEREAS, Hard-working and dedicated school bus drivers and
5 other personnel do all they can to ensure the safe and
6 efficient transportation of school children, and school bus
7 transportation has an exemplary safety record; however, most of
8 the school bus-related deaths of children each year involve
9 children who are struck before they get on the bus or after
10 they get off the bus; and
11     WHEREAS, It is important for motorists to exercise caution
12 and follow the rules of the road regarding school buses and it
13 is also important for children to conduct themselves properly
14 while riding the school bus, getting on and off the bus, and
15 waiting for the bus; and designating the week of October 17
16 through 23, 2004, as Illinois School Bus Safety Week will help
17 remind Illinois drivers and children of these
18 responsibilities; therefore, be it
20 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we designate the week
21 of October 17 through 23, 2004, as Illinois School Bus Safety
22 Week to help raise awareness of school bus safety in this State
23 among children, drivers, parents, and teachers; and we thank
24 the school bus drivers and other personnel who ensure that
25 children are safely transported to and from school and
26 school-related activities; and be it further
27     RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be delivered to
28 the Secretary of State, the Department of Transportation, and
29 the Illinois State Board of Education.