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SR0586 LRB093 22492 AMC 51995 r


2     WHEREAS, The Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act was
3 enacted in 1973 "to protect, promote and preserve the public
4 health, safety and general welfare by providing for licensing
5 of private sewage disposal contractors and the establishment
6 and enforcement of a minimum code of standards for design,
7 construction, materials, operation and maintenance of private
8 sewage disposal systems, for the transportation and disposal of
9 wastes therefrom, and for private sewage disposal servicing
10 equipment"; and
11     WHEREAS, Innovations in technology for the development and
12 use of onsite wastewater systems have changed since 1973; and
13     WHEREAS, The State of Illinois has experienced substantial
14 population growth and expansion into rural areas, dramatically
15 increasing the number of onsite wastewater systems in use in
16 those areas; and
17     WHEREAS, Rural population growth has created a need for
18 more professional and innovative solutions to onsite
19 wastewater problems in the State; and
20     WHEREAS, Both the State and federal government lack
21 sufficient funding to properly inspect, test, and develop
22 onsite wastewater systems in a manner that protects and
23 promotes the public health, safety, and general welfare of the
24 people of the State of Illinois; therefore be it
26 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that there is created the
27 Private Sewage Disposal Review Commission consisting of 4
28 members appointed by the President of the Senate and 3 members
29 appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate, all of whom
30 shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for



SR0586 - 2 - LRB093 22492 AMC 51995 r

1 their reasonable and necessary expenses from funds available
2 for that purpose; and be it further
3     RESOLVED, That the Commission shall meet initially at the
4 call of the President of the Senate, shall select one member as
5 chairperson at its initial meeting, shall thereafter meet at
6 the call of the chairperson, shall hold public hearings, shall
7 receive the assistance of legislative staff, and shall report
8 its findings and recommendations concerning the Private Sewage
9 Disposal Licensing Act to the Senate by filing copies of its
10 report with the Secretary of the Senate on or before March 31,
11 2005; and that upon filing its report the Commission is
12 dissolved.