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Full Text of HB2892  94th General Assembly



HB2892 Enrolled LRB094 08624 DRJ 38832 b

1     AN ACT concerning public aid.
2     WHEREAS, The General Assembly has long viewed one-stop
3 service in the human services as a vital goal in order to serve
4 clients in the most effective and most cost-efficient fashion;
5 and
6     WHEREAS, The vision of one-stop service was a fundamental
7 reason for creating the Department of Human Services; and
8     WHEREAS, One-stop service became possible in 1999 when a
9 new data warehouse became operational at the Department of
10 Public Aid; and
11     WHEREAS, The data warehouse has enabled the Department of
12 Public Aid for the first time to optimally manage the $10
13 billion Medicaid budget program, enabled the Inspector General
14 to identify hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent
15 claims, and given members of the General Assembly and the
16 Department ready access to information for policy
17 decision-making not possible without the data warehouse; and
18     WHEREAS, Computer World Smithsonian designated the
19 Illinois data warehouse as the best Medicaid Management System
20 in the United States of America; and
21     WHEREAS, Illinois expanded its data warehouse in 2003 to
22 accomplish additional cost and functional efficiencies; and
23     WHEREAS, The data warehouse is an indispensable
24 administrative tool necessary to comply with increasingly
25 complex Medicaid regulations, specifically new Medicaid
26 prescription drug benefit rules, and necessary to position
27 Illinois to continue benefiting from increasingly more
28 difficult-to-attain federal funding opportunities available



HB2892 Enrolled - 2 - LRB094 08624 DRJ 38832 b

1 only to states that enjoy access to prompt, accurate
2 information from a data warehouse; therefore,
3     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
4 represented in the General Assembly:
5     Section 5. The Illinois Public Aid Code is amended by
6 changing Section 12-4.201 and adding Section 12-4.202 as
7 follows:
8     (305 ILCS 5/12-4.201)
9     Sec. 12-4.201.
10     (a) Data warehouse concerning medical and related
11 services. The Illinois Department of Public Aid may purchase
12 services and materials associated with the costs of developing
13 and implementing a data warehouse comprised of management and
14 decision making information in regard to the liability
15 associated with, and utilization of, medical and related
16 services, out of moneys available for that purpose.
17     (b) The Department of Public Aid shall perform all
18 necessary administrative functions to expand its
19 linearly-scalable data warehouse to encompass other healthcare
20 data sources at both the Department of Human Services and the
21 Department of Public Health. The Department of Public Aid shall
22 leverage the inherent capabilities of the data warehouse to
23 accomplish this expansion with marginal additional technical
24 administration. The purpose of this expansion is to allow for
25 programmatic review and analysis including the
26 interrelatedness among the various healthcare programs in
27 order to ascertain effectiveness toward, and ultimate impact
28 on, clients. Beginning July 1, 2005, the Department of Public
29 Aid shall supply quarterly reports to the Commission on
30 Government Forecasting and Accountability detailing progress
31 toward this mandate.
32 (Source: P.A. 90-9, eff. 7-1-97.)



HB2892 Enrolled - 3 - LRB094 08624 DRJ 38832 b

1     (305 ILCS 5/12-4.202 new)
2     Sec. 12-4.202. Data Warehouse Inter-Agency Coordination of
3 Client Care Task Force.
4     (a) The Data Warehouse Inter-Agency Coordination of Client
5 Care Task Force is created. The task force shall consist of the
6 following:
7         (1) Eight voting members, appointed 2 each by the
8     President of the Senate, the Minority Leader of the Senate,
9     the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the
10     Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.
11         (2) Five ex officio, nonvoting members as follows: the
12     Director of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget,
13     or his or her designee; the Director of Public Aid, or his
14     or her designee; the Director of Public Health, or his or
15     her designee; the Secretary of Human Services, or his or
16     her designee; and the Director of Children and Family
17     Services, or his or her designee.
18     The voting members of the task force shall elect from their
19 number 2 co-chairs of the task force.
20     Members of the task force shall serve without compensation
21 and are not entitled to reimbursement for their expenses
22 incurred in performing their duties.
23     Five affirmative votes are required for the task force to
24 take action.
25     (b) The task force shall gather information and make
26 recommendations relating to the following:
27         (1) The most effective flow of information between
28     agencies that serve the same clients through one-stop
29     shopping across State government.
30         (2) The creation of an overarching system to respond to
31     requests by the General Assembly, the Office of the
32     Governor, and the general public.
33         (3) The most effective use of State moneys in
34     leveraging the current system to accommodate the
35     ever-growing information base in State government.



HB2892 Enrolled - 4 - LRB094 08624 DRJ 38832 b

1     (c) The task force shall submit a report to the Governor
2 and the General Assembly no later than December 31, 2005.
3     (d) This Section is repealed on January 1, 2006.
4     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
5 becoming law.