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Full Text of HJR0099  94th General Assembly



HJ0099 LRB094 19670 DRH 56124 r


2     WHEREAS, The Chicago Regional Environmental and
3 Transportation Efficiency Program, also known as CREATE, would
4 increase the capacity of the Chicago metropolitan rail network,
5 remove major freight and passenger rail bottlenecks, and
6 provide numerous benefits to the citizens and economy of the
7 State of Illinois; and
8     WHEREAS, Chicago is the nation's busiest, most important,
9 and most congested rail hub, and demand for freight rail
10 service in Chicago is expected to nearly double over the next
11 twenty years, further worsening highway and rail congestion;
12 and
13     WHEREAS, CREATE is a public private-partnership through
14 which the federal government, the State of Illinois, the city
15 of Chicago, and the freight and passenger railroads serving
16 Chicago are expected collectively to invest $1.5 billion over
17 six to ten years to address worsening congestion problems; and
18     WHEREAS, Implementation of the CREATE Program would
19 provide benefits to the State of Illinois that far exceed the
20 costs of the program, including: at least $595 million in
21 benefits related to motorists, rail passengers, and safety; air
22 quality improvements valued at $1.1 billion;
23 construction-related benefits totaling $2.2 billion; highway
24 construction savings of at least $77 million; more than 2,700
25 full-time construction jobs; and $365 million in purchases of
26 materials and services; and
27     WHEREAS, The federal SAFETEA-LU transportation bill
28 authorized $100 million for CREATE; and
29     WHEREAS, Privately owned railroad companies have committed
30 to contributing private capital commensurate with the private



HJ0099 - 2 - LRB094 19670 DRH 56124 r

1 benefits of the CREATE Program, as much as $212 million for the
2 entire CREATE Program, and Metra has committed to contributing
3 $20 million; and
4     WHEREAS, State funding of its share of CREATE will leverage
5 substantially higher levels of funding from the federal
6 government; and
7     WHEREAS, These investments in the CREATE Program will
8 produce substantial State, regional, and national benefits
9 that far outweigh costs of the plan; therefore, be it
12 SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that implementation of CREATE will
13 provide major benefits to the citizens and economy of the State
14 of Illinois by providing more jobs and a better quality of life
15 for Illinois residents; and be it further
16     RESOLVED, That the Governor, the Illinois General
17 Assembly, the city of Chicago, the passenger and freight rail
18 industry, and all CREATE partners should maximize the CREATE
19 projects that can be constructed with the federal funds
20 dedicated for CREATE in the federal SAFETEA-LU transportation
21 bill; and be it further
22     RESOLVED, That because of the benefits of the CREATE
23 Program, it should continue to be one of the highest priorities
24 of the State of Illinois, and the next State capital program
25 should fully fund the State's portion of CREATE; and be it
26 further
27     RESOLVED, That because the benefits of CREATE will extend
28 beyond Illinois to the entire nation, the U.S. Congress should
29 provide the full federal share for implementation of the CREATE
30 plan in its next federal transportation authorization bill; and



HJ0099 - 3 - LRB094 19670 DRH 56124 r

1 be it further
2     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
3 delivered to the President of the United States, the President
4 pro tempore of the U.S. Senate, the Speaker of the U.S. House
5 of Representatives, and each Member of the Illinois
6 congressional delegation.