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HR0524 LRB094 12587 CSA 47287 r


2     WHEREAS, John Everett, Principal of Simeon Career Academy
3 in Chicago, is retiring June 30, 2005; and
4     WHEREAS, Mr. Everett grew up in Gary, Indiana, where he
5 graduated from Roosevelt High School; he received a bachelor's
6 degree in physical education from University of Illinois in
7 Champaign, after which he received a master's degree, acquiring
8 skills in counseling, cooperative vocational education,
9 administration, and supervision; and
10     WHEREAS, His life has been very active, diverse, and
11 rewarding; as a high school football coach at Hirsch High
12 School, he won many championships and built his athletic
13 program around character development, personal growth,
14 self-esteem, perseverance, and teamwork; this is a legacy he
15 has built and the throng of young men whom he has mentored
16 possess these important traits; and
17     WHEREAS, Devoting most of his adult life to activities that
18 center on young people, he has been an assistant principal in
19 charge of discipline and student affairs, a security and police
20 officer, and a physical education and athletic director; he has
21 served on the Board of Controls and was Director of Drivers
22 Education for many years; all of these roles enabled him to
23 continue to work with young people, observing their needs,
24 their talents, and their shortcomings; he has always devoted
25 his time, his talents, and his energy to molding the character
26 of the young people with whom he interacts daily; and
27     WHEREAS, Simeon Career Academy is a new and
28 state-of-the-arts school; his principalship encapsulates and
29 embodies all that he is; his fight to provide students with an
30 adequate and fair opportunity for a quality education was
31 fraught with many obstacles; however, characteristic of Mr.



HR0524 - 2 - LRB094 12587 CSA 47287 r

1 Everett, he led the fight from start to finish; today, the
2 magnificent edifice that is the centerpiece of art and beauty
3 and education stars as a monument of his dedication and
4 devotion to young people and to education; and
5     WHEREAS, He did not stop at seeing the school erected; he
6 continued to build on the quality of education, the
7 instructional program, exposing the students to the best
8 opportunities, and working to bring a wide variety of
9 extra-curricular experiences into the students' daily school
10 lives; and
11     WHEREAS, Over the years, Mr. Everett has received many
12 awards for outstanding achievement, including Special
13 Recognition for Student Significant Gains in ACT Scores,
14 1999-2000; Distinguished Educator Award, 2000; and the
15 Continuous Academic Achievement Award, 1999; and
16     WHEREAS, He realized the importance of community service
17 and involvement and found time to participate in many
18 activities outside the realm of the school; he has been a Big
19 Ten, USFL, and NFL official and program director of the Martin
20 Luther King Boys and Girls Club, and a very productive member
21 of the National Association of Black School Educators, the
22 Chicago Association of Metropolitan Officials Association, and
23 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; and
24     WHEREAS, Everything that Mr. Everett has done has impacted
25 the lives of young people, those to whom the torch of
26 leadership will be passed; his life stands as a monument to the
27 students, the parents, and the teachers, exemplifying the fact
28 that determination, hope, preparation, and character are the
29 ingredients that make for excellence and success; therefore, be
30 it



HR0524 - 3 - LRB094 12587 CSA 47287 r

2 we congratulate John Everett on his outstanding contributions
3 to the education of young people and wish him the very best in
4 his retirement and future endeavors; and be it further
5     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
6 presented to John Everett as an expression of our utmost
7 admiration and esteem.