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Full Text of HR0779  94th General Assembly



HR0779 LRB094 16209 HSS 51453 r


2     WHEREAS, The Justice Sunday 2006 campaign recognizes the
3 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement and serves as the
4 trademark for a historic 381-day Call-To-Service, which began
5 December 1, 2005, in honor of the lives and legacies of the
6 late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mrs. Rosa L. Parks; and
7     WHEREAS, In 1994, in recognition of that spirit, Congress
8 passed the King Holiday and Service Act, which directed the
9 Corporation for National and Community Service to support local
10 efforts to make the King Holiday a day of service; and
11     WHEREAS, Justice Sunday's national theme, "A Charge To Keep
12 We Have: Service Before and Beyond", serves as a precursor to
13 the King Day of Service in uniting people of all races, faiths,
14 and cultures; and
15     WHEREAS, Family strengthening must be incorporated with
16 strategies of community support and personal transformation to
17 meet the critical needs of the more than 800,000 youth and
18 adult ex-offenders who are returning to cities and towns each
19 year; and
20     WHEREAS, In honor of the late Mrs. Rosa L. Parks,
21 individuals can make a difference by responding to the urgent
22 need for qualified mentors to help facilitate a pathway to
23 freedom for youth engaged in gangs and criminal activities,
24 with particular outreach to children whose parents are
25 incarcerated; and
26     WHEREAS, The National Alliance of Faith and Justice, is
27 authorized by grant of Rights from the Martin Luther King
28 Center for Nonviolent Social Change to use the images and
29 quotes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to acknowledge the
30 lifetime of selfless service by Dr. King as a clergy and martyr



HR0779 - 2 - LRB094 16209 HSS 51453 r

1 for justice; and
2     WHEREAS, Justice Sunday 2006 will launch Pen or Pencil:
3 Eyes on the Prize, prompting youth to remain focused and
4 committed to progress and anti-criminal behavior by reflecting
5 upon the immeasurable price of freedom exemplified on film and
6 by heroes and sheroes of the civil rights movement such as Dr.
7 King and Mrs. Parks; and
8     WHEREAS, Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton, Trinity Universal
9 Center, Inc., Justice Sunday Lake County, Illinois,
10 facilitator, in partnership with the College of Lake County,
11 will conduct the Pen or Pencil project in middle schools in
12 Waukegan and North Chicago; therefore, be it
15 we proclaim January 15, 2006, as Justice Sunday, and we urge
16 all citizens to consider this day and the year beyond as a
17 tribute to Dr. King and Mrs. Parks through commitment to
18 volunteerism and service around pressing social issues; and be
19 it further
20     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
21 presented to Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton.