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Full Text of SR0028  94th General Assembly



SR0028 LRB094 07032 CSA 37172 r


2     WHEREAS, Staff Sergeant Donald Bernard Farmer, U.S. Army,
3 lost his life in Kuwait on December 19, 2004, when he was hit
4 by a vehicle after stopping to help someone who had a flat
5 tire; and
6     WHEREAS, Staff Sergeant Farmer, age 33, and a former
7 Marine, grew up in Zion and was a 1989 graduate of Zion-Benton
8 Township High School; he had an excellent record and was
9 well-liked and well-respected at the high school where he was a
10 standout on the football and track teams; he was a member of
11 the high school's only undefeated football team his senior
12 year; and
13     WHEREAS, He will be remembered as a little guy with a big
14 heart; he was a wonderful man who loved the military service;
15 he was very diligent with a good sense of humor, an excellent
16 athlete, a person people gravitated toward because of his great
17 disposition and ability to make people laugh; he was a man with
18 an open heart and a caring soul, a man who many felt they were
19 blessed to know and a man who will be sorely missed; and
20     WHEREAS, His willingness to serve his country will never be
21 forgotten by a grateful State and nation; it is because of true
22 heroes like Donald that each U.S. citizen has the freedoms they
23 enjoy; and
24     WHEREAS, He is survived by his wife, Shanda Farmer; his
25 children, Sharon, Dashaun, and Darion; his mother and father,
26 Gwendolyn and Donald G. Farmer; his sister, Jennifer Farmer;
27 and his brothers, Donovan Truss and Desmond Truss; therefore,
28 be it
30 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that together with his



SR0028 - 2 - LRB094 07032 CSA 37172 r

1 family, friends, fellow members of the United States armed
2 forces, and the citizens of this State and this great nation,
3 we mourn the passing of Staff Sergeant Donald Bernard Farmer
4 and we extend to his family our sincerest condolences; and be
5 it further
6     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
7 presented to his family as an expression of our deepest
8 sympathy.