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Full Text of SR0062  94th General Assembly



SR0062 LRB094 10639 CSA 40990 r


2     WHEREAS, Many places in Illinois are significant sites of
3 local, state, national, and world history; and
4     WHEREAS, Visitors to these sites learn about historic
5 people, ideas, and developments; and
6     WHEREAS, Such visits deepen our interest in, and
7 appreciation of, history; and
8     WHEREAS, History helps us understand our place in the world
9 and how we might improve it; and
10     WHEREAS, Increasing visits to historical sites stimulates
11 beautification, preservation, conservation, tourism, and
12 business in Illinois communities and counties where they are
13 located; and
14     WHEREAS, The Illinois State Historical Society, recognized
15 by the Illinois General Assembly in 1903 as a major contributor
16 to the awareness and appreciation of history in Illinois, has
17 already placed its markers at more than four hundred historical
18 sites around the State; and
19     WHEREAS, The Illinois General Assembly and The Illinois
20 State Historical Society now seek to heighten historical
21 awareness in Illinois residents and visitors by calling
22 attention to these markers and historic sites throughout the
23 State; therefore, be it
25 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the week of February 28
26 through March 6 in 2005 shall be known as Illinois State
27 Historical Society Markers Awareness Week with a special State
28 ceremony in Springfield on March 3; and be it further



SR0062 - 2 - LRB094 10639 CSA 40990 r

1     RESOLVED, That all Illinois residents and visitors are
2 encouraged to celebrate this week by learning about historic
3 sites in their locales, visiting them, reflecting on their
4 importance in history, communicating with others about them,
5 and attending ceremonies commemorating them; and be it further
6     RESOLVED, That Illinois State Senators are encouraged to
7 participate in the events of this week with their colleagues in
8 the Capitol and their constituents in their home districts.