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HR1151 LRB095 20489 GRL 48375 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to congratulate the owners and
4 employees of Kasper Trucking, Inc. of Loves Park on the
5 occasion of being named the March 2008 Trucker of the Month by
6 the Mid-West Truckers Association; and
7     WHEREAS, Kasper Trucking was founded in the mid-1970s by
8 Gordon Kasper; he began his operation with a single truck in
9 order to subsidize the family farming operation and to haul
10 grain to the local elevator; from 1978 to 1985, greater
11 concentration was put towards the trucking operation, with the
12 company increasing their fleet from one truck to four tractor
13 trailers; Gordon Kasper then leased on to Terra Cotta Truck
14 Service and built a shop in Poplar Grove; and
15     WHEREAS, In 1985, Kasper Trucking began supplying
16 equipment to a major construction company in Rockford in a
17 joint venture relationship with an owner-operator based
18 trucking company in northern Illinois; the company hauled grain
19 to the elevator and coal to the Belvidere Chrysler plant during
20 the winter months; and
21     WHEREAS, In 1989, Gary Kasper joined Kasper Trucking
22 full-time, departing from his design engineering career that



HR1151 - 2 - LRB095 20489 GRL 48375 r

1 took him across the nation; by 1989, the company possessed 11
2 company-owned tractor trailers and 4 tandem dumps, with nearly
3 30 owner-operators; and
4     WHEREAS, By 1991, Kasper Trucking's O/O fleet had doubled,
5 with 20 total company vehicles; the company's customer base
6 increased greatly due to a greater emphasis on the supply of
7 owner-operators; by the end of the 1991 season, the company had
8 grown to a fleet of over 100 company and owner operator trucks;
9 and
10     WHEREAS, Kasper Trucking was involved in many large
11 construction projects during the 1990s, including a major
12 expansion into the flat bed market in southern Wisconsin and
13 northern Illinois hauling pre-cast concrete and lumber; in
14 1998, the company was purchased from Gordon Kasper and the
15 office was relocated to Loves Park, with the company's repair
16 shop moved to Roscoe; and
17     WHEREAS, Kasper Trucking has proven to be a pioneer in the
18 area of trucker safety; the company was the first to have State
19 troopers visit their shop every spring for safety meetings,
20 keeping their drivers abreast of new safety laws and
21 regulations; in 2004, Kasper Trucking was listed in CCJ
22 Magazine as a top 100 trucking company in the nation; and



HR1151 - 3 - LRB095 20489 GRL 48375 r

1     WHEREAS, Kasper Trucking has been a proud member of the
2 Mid-West Truckers Association since 1978 and has been active in
3 most of the association's programs and activities; and
4     WHEREAS, Kasper Trucking currently operates nearly 125
5 trucks, including flats and dumps; with communication with
6 their drivers and serving their customers being their primary
7 focus, the company sports an impressive reputation of
8 innovation, safety, and quality in the Rockford area and
9 beyond; therefore, be it
12 congratulate the owners and employees of Kasper Trucking, Inc.
13 of Loves Park on the occasion of being named the March 2008
14 Trucker of the Month and wish them continued success in the
15 future; and be it further
16     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
17 presented to Kasper Trucking owner Gary Kasper as a symbol of
18 our esteem and respect.