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Full Text of HR1676  95th General Assembly



HR1676 LRB095 23022 GRL 53940 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to honor our esteemed colleague,
4 Illinois State Representative Brent Hassert, for his many years
5 of dedicated service to the people of the State of Illinois and
6 the Illinois House of Representatives; and
7     WHEREAS, Representative Brent Hassert was elected to serve
8 in the Illinois House of Representatives in 1993; during his 16
9 years in office, he has dedicated much of his time and energy
10 to significantly improving the area that he has represented,
11 securing State grants for local road projects, school
12 construction, open space and parks, and local government
13 services; during his tenure, he has also served as a
14 co-chairman of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and
15 as a Deputy Republican Leader; and
16     WHEREAS, As a life-long resident of the 85th District and a
17 former Will County Board member, Representative Brent Hassert
18 has been a very active member of his community with an acute
19 understanding of his district's needs; his grandchildren, Kyle
20 and Jenna, are the sixth generation of Hasserts to live in the
21 85th District; and
22     WHEREAS, Throughout his career in the Illinois House of



HR1676 - 2 - LRB095 23022 GRL 53940 r

1 Representatives, Representative Brent Hassert has championed
2 the cause of senior property tax relief, sponsoring numerous
3 property tax relief packages and fighting tooth and nail to
4 increase savings for seniors; he played an integral role in the
5 passage of Public Act 95-644, an act to increase the income
6 eligibility for the Senior Assessment Freeze and the value of
7 the Senior Homestead Exemption; following this, he introduced
8 legislation to further increase property tax relief; and
9     WHEREAS, For over a decade, Representative Brent Hassert
10 worked tirelessly to make the Interstate 355 extension from the
11 Stevenson Expressway in Bolingbrook to Interstate 80 in New
12 Lenox a reality, creating an economic boon to the citizens of
13 the 85th District and relieving congestion on local roads in
14 the area; he has fought vigorously to improve local and State
15 roads throughout Will County, authoring a unique bill in 2007
16 to promote traffic relief and create safer road conditions at
17 the interchange of Weber Road and Interstate 55, deemed one of
18 the most dangerous interchanges in Illinois, funded through the
19 selling of 200 acres of State-owned vacant property at
20 Stateville Prison; he has also worked with the Illinois
21 Department of Transportation to secure funding for a third lane
22 on I-55 from Weber Road to I-80 in Shorewood; and
23     WHEREAS, Representative Brent Hassert will long be
24 remembered for his advocacy to preserve parks and protect open



HR1676 - 3 - LRB095 23022 GRL 53940 r

1 spaces throughout the State; in honor of his preservation work,
2 the Lockport Park District has opened the "Brent Hassert Park
3 Youth Sports Complex", named after him for the 80 acres of land
4 he secured for the complex, which features eight soccer fields,
5 a parking area, and landscaping on seven acres of land; and
6     WHEREAS, Representative Brent Hassert was crucial in the
7 creation of a capital jobs plan and has been a vocal proponent
8 of rebuilding our infrastructure and creating jobs for Illinois
9 citizens; and
10     WHEREAS, Representative Brent Hassert has two sons, Justin
11 and Josh, and two grandchildren, Jenna and Kyle; and
12     WHEREAS, Representative Brent Hassert will be forever
13 remembered by the grateful citizens of the 85th District and
14 the members of this august body as a consistent tax fighter and
15 an ethical legislator who held an unshakable belief that
16 lawmakers must be accountable for their actions; he will be
17 further remembered by the members of this body for his great
18 love of chocolate malts, the love of which remains profound;
19 therefore, be it
22 honor Illinois State Representative Brent Hassert for his many



HR1676 - 4 - LRB095 23022 GRL 53940 r

1 years of dedicated service to the people of the State of
2 Illinois and this august body and wish him continued success
3 and happiness in his future endeavors; and be it further
4     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
5 presented to Representative Brent Hassert as a symbol of our
6 esteem and respect.