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Full Text of HR0333  95th General Assembly



HR0333 LRB095 11950 GRL 35308 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to congratulate Jerryelyn L.
4 Jones, principal of Curie Metropolitan High School, on her
5 accomplishments and her many years of service to the
6 educational community; and
7     WHEREAS, Jerryelyn L. Jones graduated from James McCosh
8 Elementary School and South Shore High School; she earned a
9 B.A. in Education from Chicago State University and an M.A. in
10 History from the National College of Education in Evanston, as
11 well as an M.S. in Education Administration from Chicago State
12 University; and
13     WHEREAS, Jerryelyn L. Jones began her teaching career in
14 September of 1976 at Lindblom Technical High School, where she
15 spent six years as a social studies teacher; she was selected
16 to teach at Curie High School in 1982; during her twelve years
17 as a teacher at Curie High School, she was actively involved
18 with the student body of the school, serving as co-chairman of
19 the Metro History Fair, grade advisor, and as one of the
20 sponsors of the Academic Olympics; she was also selected as the
21 chairperson of the Teacher Advisory Board of the Citywide
22 Chicago Metro History Fair; and



HR0333 - 2 - LRB095 11950 GRL 35308 r

1     WHEREAS, During her teaching career, she received several
2 certificates and awards, such as the Educator of the Year
3 Award, Phi Delta Kappa; Teacher of the Month Award, City of
4 Chicago; and the Dedicated Teacher Award, Kate Maremont
5 Foundation; and
6     WHEREAS, Her administrative career began in 1994 when she
7 was selected as assistant principal of curriculum, staff
8 development, and programming at Curie High School; in October
9 1999 she became principal of Curie High School; in her capacity
10 as principal of Curie, she has been instrumental in making
11 programs in her school grow stronger and more complete while
12 helping her school move into the 21st century by having
13 television monitors and Internet capacity installed in every
14 classroom; she is a strong supporter of the arts and has added
15 two computer labs for the growing art department and a ceramics
16 lab has recently been newly equipped; and
17     WHEREAS, During her eight year tenure as principal, she has
18 experienced many successes; under her direction, Curie High
19 School was named as having the best art program in the state by
20 the Illinois Art Education Association in 2002; the school has
21 had a teacher named one of ten Illinois Golden Apple Fellows in
22 each of the last three years high schools have been eligible
23 for the award (2001, 2004, & 2007); the school has improved
24 attendance and graduation rates over the past five years, and



HR0333 - 3 - LRB095 11950 GRL 35308 r

1 increased math scores on state tests by 12.8 percent and
2 science scores by eight percent in the last five years;
3 therefore, be it
6 congratulate Jerryelyn L. Jones on her accomplishments and her
7 many years of service to the educational community; and be it
8 further
9     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
10 presented to Jerryelyn L. Jones.