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Full Text of HR0334  95th General Assembly



HR0334 LRB095 11964 GRL 35355 r


2     WHEREAS, The Centers for Disease Control has reported that
3 one in 150 children born today will be diagnosed with an autism
4 spectrum disorder; and
5     WHEREAS, The Illinois State Board of Education has reported
6 that today there are more than twice as many children in
7 Illinois diagnosed with autism as there were only five years
8 ago; and
9     WHEREAS, It is estimated that only one of every ten
10 children with autism receives the level and type of services
11 recommended by the National Research Council in 2001; and
12     WHEREAS, Families of children with autism bear an enormous
13 financial burden of providing needed services and healthcare;
14 and
15     WHEREAS, Not-for-profit entities such as the Autism
16 Society of Illinois promote through advocacy, public
17 awareness, education, and research, lifelong access and
18 opportunities for persons within the autism spectrum disorder
19 and their families in order that they may be fully included,
20 participating members of their communities; and



HR0334 - 2 - LRB095 11964 GRL 35355 r

1     WHEREAS, Public entities such as the Illinois Autism
2 Training and Technical Assistance Project and private entities
3 like Giant Steps of Illinois provide educational and
4 therapeutic services to enable children with autism to achieve
5 their maximum potential and strive to improve a child's ability
6 to interact, communicate, and develop academic and daily life
7 skills; these groups work cooperatively with local school
8 districts to reintegrate students with autism into their home
9 school on a full-time or part-time basis based on the
10 individual needs of the student; therefore, be it
13 name the month of April 2007 as Autism Awareness Month in the
14 State of Illinois, and we recognize and commend the parents and
15 caregivers of children and adults with autism for their
16 sacrifice and dedication in providing for the special needs of
17 children with autism and for absorbing significant financial
18 costs for specialized education and support services; and be it
19 further
20     RESOLVED, That we support the following goals: increasing
21 State and federal funding for home and community based
22 services; Medicaid waiver programs that families can direct so
23 that their loved ones with autism can receive appropriate
24 intervention, treatment, and support; expanding direct



HR0334 - 3 - LRB095 11964 GRL 35355 r

1 supports and services for individuals with autism across their
2 life span so that they may have choices and individualized
3 supports, services, and living arrangements; promoting the use
4 of best practices in public schools; promoting understanding
5 and acceptance of the special needs of people with autism and
6 their families; promoting the full inclusion of persons with
7 autism in our communities; and increasing federal and private
8 funding for research to learn the root causes of autism and to
9 explore potential biomedical treatments for autism; and be it
10 further
11     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
12 presented to the Autism Society of Illinois, the Illinois
13 Autism Training and Technical Assistance Project and Giant
14 Steps of Illinois.