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SR0195 LRB095 12221 GRL 36580 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3 learn of the death of Starkey Duncan Jr., who passed away on
4 May 15, 2007; and
5     WHEREAS, Starkey Duncan Jr. spent his childhood in
6 Nashville, Tennessee and San Antonio, Texas; he received a
7 bachelor's degree in philosophy from Vanderbilt University; he
8 served two years as a line officer in the US Navy; upon
9 returning from the Navy he enrolled in the clinical psychology
10 program at the University of Chicago for his doctorate; he
11 joined the faculty of the University of Chicago in 1967; and
12     WHEREAS, Starkey Duncan Jr. was a psychology professor at
13 the University of Chicago; he oversaw the psychology
14 department's undergraduate program since 1977; he was known
15 throughout the university as a mentor for undergraduates and as
16 an advocate for student athletes; he served as the University
17 of Chicago faculty representative to the NCAA for more than 25
18 years; and he helped organize the university's annual folk
19 music festival; and
20     WHEREAS, Starkey Duncan Jr. was a pioneer in the study of
21 human interaction; he was a leader in the field of nonverbal
22 communication and was one of the first researchers to go beyond



SR0195 - 2 - LRB095 12221 GRL 36580 r

1 speech and analyze the gestures, gazes, pauses, and smiles that
2 define face-to-face interactions; he studied the interplay
3 between verbal and nonverbal communication and developed a
4 rigorous methodology to study them, including a technique to
5 diagram and map face-to-face interaction; his research led him
6 to co-author the book "Face to Face Interactions: Research,
7 Methods and Theory", considered a seminal work in the study of
8 human interaction; he recently expanded his work to include
9 interactions between parents and children and physicians and
10 patients, as well as sequential behavior patterns of children
11 in an effort to understand disorders such as autism; and
12     WHEREAS, Starkey Duncan Jr. was an enthusiastic sports fan
13 and high school football player; he was a proficient banjo
14 player and a folk music aficionado; and
15     WHEREAS, Starkey Duncan Jr. was considered by all who knew
16 him as a loving, affable, and easygoing family man, an
17 innovative educator and researcher, and a man who embodied
18 integrity and good ethics; and
19     WHEREAS, Starkey Duncan Jr. is survived by his fiancee,
20 Marilee Marchelya; his children, Arne, Sarah, and Owen Duncan;
21 his sister, Martha McHenry; two nephews; and seven
22 grandchildren; therefore, be it



SR0195 - 3 - LRB095 12221 GRL 36580 r

2 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along with
3 his family and friends, the passing of Starkey Duncan Jr.; and
4 be it further
5     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
6 presented to the family of Starkey Duncan Jr. as an expression
7 of our sympathy.