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Full Text of HB5262  102nd General Assembly




HB5262 EngrossedLRB102 25484 RAM 34772 b

1    AN ACT concerning transportation.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Infrastructure Delivery and Program Transparency Act.
6    Section 5. Definitions. As used in this Act:
7    "Coordinator" means the Infrastructure Implementation
8Coordinator appointed by the Office of the Secretary of
10    "Department" means the Illinois Department of
12    "Infrastructure" means publicly owned infrastructure
13located in the State of Illinois including: (1) streets,
14roadways, pedestrian ways, commuter linkages and circulator
15transit systems, bridges, tunnels, overpasses, bus ways, and
16guideways connected to or adjacent to an infrastructure
17project; (2) utilities systems and related facilities, utility
18relocations and replacements, utility-line extensions, network
19and communication systems, streetscape improvements, drainage
20systems, sewer and water systems, subgrade structures and
21associated improvements; (3) landscaping, facade construction
22and restoration, wayfinding, and signage; (4) public
23transportation and transit facilities and related



HB5262 Engrossed- 2 -LRB102 25484 RAM 34772 b

1infrastructure, vehicle parking facilities, and other
2facilities that encourage intermodal transportation and public
3transit connected to or adjacent to a project; (5) railroad
4infrastructure, stations, maintenance and storage facilities;
5(6) parks, plazas, atria, cultural facilities, community and
6recreational facilities, facilities to promote tourism and
7hospitality, educational facilities, conferencing and
8convention centers, broadcast and related multimedia
9infrastructure, and destination and community retail, dining,
10and entertainment facilities; and (7) other facilities with
11the primary purpose of attracting and fostering economic
12development by generating additional tax base.
13"Infrastructure" does not include a commercial office,
14residential or hotel facilities, or any retail, dining, and
15entertainment space included within such facilities.
16    "Infrastructure project" means the construction or
17renovation of publicly owned infrastructure located within the
18State of Illinois.
19    "Program" means the Rebuild Illinois Program.
20    "Secretary" means the Illinois Secretary of
22    Section 10. Infrastructure implementation coordinator.
23    (a) The Secretary of Transportation shall appoint an
24Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator who shall administer
25the Rebuild Illinois Program, disburse and provide an



HB5262 Engrossed- 3 -LRB102 25484 RAM 34772 b

1accounting of capital funding granted to the State by the U.S.
2Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act, and provide and facilitate
3regular reporting and communication to the Illinois Department
4of Transportation, the General Assembly, the Federal Highway
5Administration, and to key industry and public stakeholders.
6    (b) The Coordinator shall direct the performance of all
7program implementation processes and procedures and shall be
8provided the necessary resources to establish a master
9program, budget, and schedule; to track and monitor key
10metrics; to report and communicate all program metrics; to
11implement program initiatives; and to provide leadership that
12results in improvement to all process and procedures related
13to the delivery of infrastructure improvements.
14    Section 15. Publicly available master program, budget, and
15construction schedule. For the purpose of allowing key
16infrastructure stakeholders to effectively plan and schedule
17the procurement of required materials and resources and to
18keep the public informed of project progress, the Office of
19the Secretary of Transportation shall develop a publicly
20available project information website that includes the
21following information:
22        (1) the name of the infrastructure being constructed
23    or renovated;
24        (2) the location of each project;
25        (3) the estimated commencement and completion date of



HB5262 Engrossed- 4 -LRB102 25484 RAM 34772 b

1    each project, as well as timely updates on any projected
2    changes to such dates;
3        (4) the actual cost of each project.
4    Section 20. Program metrics. To measure construction and
5renovation progress and performance, resolve issues, and
6publicly report on the program's accomplishments, the
7Coordinator shall track and make publicly available the
8following program metrics:
9        (1) the overall program budget, which the Secretary
10    shall track and report by service type (i.e. construction,
11    consultant services, miscellaneous) and which includes the
12    following:
13            (A) the current program budget;
14            (B) the original amount of each program funding
15        award;
16            (C) the cost of each contract change order or
17        supplemental order;
18            (D) the amount of obligated funding for each
19        project; and
20            (E) the amount remaining in each project budget at
21        the completion of the project;
22        (2) each individual project budget, categorized by
23    core work categories (for example, roadway maintenance,
24    bridges, safety and system modernization, system
25    expansion, and system support);



HB5262 Engrossed- 5 -LRB102 25484 RAM 34772 b

1        (3) general program metrics, which may be categorized
2    on a subprogram basis by major corridor or core work type,
3    and include the following:
4            (A) the number of direct and indirect jobs
5        created;
6            (B) the number of contracts awarded under
7        $10,000,000;
8            (C) the number of contracts awarded to
9        construction and engineering firms;
10            (D) the number of contracts awarded to unique
11        veteran-owned firms; and
12            (E) the number of contracts awarded to new firms,
13        established within a year before the date of the
14        contract;
15        (4) diversity metrics, which shall be tracked and
16    reported for construction and consultant services and
17    include the following:
18            (A) the amount in contract awards and the
19        percentage of total contracts awarded to participants
20        in the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program;
21            (B) the amount in contract awards and the
22        percentage of total contracts awarded to veteran-owned
23        businesses;
24            (C) the number of contracts awarded under protege
25        agreements;
26            (D) the number of contracts awarded to prime



HB5262 Engrossed- 6 -LRB102 25484 RAM 34772 b

1        contractors that are participants of the Disadvantaged
2        Business Enterprise Program; and
3            (E) the number of contracts awarded to prime
4        contractors that are veteran-owned businesses; and
5        (5) program administrative metrics that include:
6            (A) the average time from selection of a
7        contractor to the contractor's receipt of a Notice to
8        Proceed;
9            (B) the average time to process a project invoice;
10            (C) the average time to process a project payment;
11            (D) the number of actual advertised contracts;
12            (E) the number of projected advertised contracts;
13        and
14            (F) the projected need for construction and
15        consultant services for each year, to be published in
16        each issue of the Illinois Department of
17        Transportation Professional Transportation Bulletin
18        and updated quarterly.
19    Section 25. Program goal development. After a review of
20the program metrics, the Coordinator shall implement
21improvements to the program in accordance with the established
22overall program budget and project schedule. As a result,
23individual project budgets and schedules may be adjusted;
24however, the overall annual expected program expenditures and
25target delivery dates for major corridor improvements shall



HB5262 Engrossed- 7 -LRB102 25484 RAM 34772 b

1not vary significantly from established goals.
2    Section 30. Program goals; expedited processes.
3    (a) The Coordinator shall process a Notice to Proceed
4within 30 days of a construction bid opening or consultant
5selection and shall expedite the execution of contracts and
6the issuance of a Notice to Proceed to meet this goal.
7    (b) The Secretary shall disburse payments to construction
8contractors on a biweekly basis and shall expedite payment to
9meet this goal.
10    (c) The Secretary shall disburse payments to consultants
11within 45 days of the completion of services and shall
12expedite payments to meet this goal.
13    Section 35. Program initiatives to support program goals.
14The Department and the Coordinator shall do the following to
15assist the Department with meeting program goals:
16        (1) develop a mechanism to openly identify and elevate
17    issues within the Rebuild Illinois Program so that they
18    may be resolved in a timely manner;
19        (2) evaluate and improve processes and procedures for
20    State coordination with the Federal Highway Administration
21    to expedite project delivery;
22        (3) evaluate and improve the State processes and
23    procedures for prioritizing right-of-way issues, utility
24    conflicts, and permits, to expedite project delivery;



HB5262 Engrossed- 8 -LRB102 25484 RAM 34772 b

1        (4) evaluate and improve the State processes and
2    procedures for prioritizing the resolution of construction
3    field issues that require contract change orders;
4        (5) establish and improve a construction and
5    consultant mentor-protege program to promote significant
6    and sustainable growth for participants of the
7    Disadvantaged Enterprise Program and veteran-owned firms.