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HR0842LRB102 27367 ECR 39156 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of Billie
4Jean Paige of Chicago, who passed away on April 10, 2022; and
5    WHEREAS, Billie Paige was born to Enos and Ora Bond in
6Chicago on June 26, 1937; she received her formal education at
7an all-girls boarding school in Wisconsin, where she was an
8exceptional student, a stand-out basketball player, and a
9participant in musicals and stage plays; after high school,
10she attended Loyola University, the University of Chicago, and
11Roosevelt University; she graduated college at age 19, having
12developed an interest in politics and government; in addition
13to excelling as a student, she was professionally trained as a
14vocalist and pianist; she married George Howard Paige on
15February 16, 1957; and
16    WHEREAS, Billie Paige first worked as a secretary at the
17University of Chicago's graduate school; she then worked for
18Head Start and joined the Kuumba Workshop in the 1970s; in
191973, she was recruited into Illinois state government and
20worked as a Coordinator of Paraprofessional Training; in 1975,
21she became the Commissioner of the Illinois Department of
22Labor's Bureau of Employment Security's Division of
23Unemployment Insurance; she was the first African American



HR0842- 2 -LRB102 27367 ECR 39156 r

1woman to head an unemployment program in the United States; in
2late 1975, she became the Assistant Director of the Illinois
3Department of Registration and Education and was the
4second-ranking statutory official for the department; in 1980,
5she earned the position of Director of Government Affairs for
6the Illinois Hospital Association; in 1983, she became a
7legislative consultant with Shea, Rogal and Associates and
8made history as the first full-time African American female
9lobbyist in Illinois; in 1992, she was named President of
10Shea, Paige, and Rogal, Incorporated and became a partner in
11the firm; in 1984, she served as President and Chief Executive
12Officer of Continental Testing Services, Incorporated; and
13    WHEREAS, Billie Paige became a member of Saint Ailbe
14Catholic Church (Saint Katharine Drexel Parish) in Chicago in
15the 1960s; she served as the vocalist and pianist at the
16parish's Saturday evening mass; she was ultimately named the
17Assistant to the Director of Music and sang in the choir at all
18three of the weekend masses in addition to the holiday masses;
20    WHEREAS, Billie Paige was a founding member of the
21Illinois Women's Institute for Leadership (IWIL) Training
22Academy; and
23    WHEREAS, Billie Paige was a lifelong lover of owls and



HR0842- 3 -LRB102 27367 ECR 39156 r

1collected many pieces of jewelry, paintings, and figurines
2bearing owl images; she enjoyed music and collected music
3boxes and visual art pieces depicting musical notes; she was
4also an ardent fan of the Star Wars movies and was known for
5her delicious greens and chili recipe and for her annual pool
6party; included in her collectibles were items that featured
7images of West Highland White Terriers, of which she had six
8during her lifetime; and
9    WHEREAS, Billie Paige was preceded in death by her son,
10Stephen; and
11    WHEREAS, Billie Paige is survived by her loving husband,
12George; her son, Gary (Apryl); her daughter-in-law, Jacinta;
13her granddaughter, Daria; and a host of beloved relatives and
14cherished friends; therefore, be it
17we mourn the passing of Billie Jean Paige and extend our
18sincere condolences to her family, friends, and all who knew
19and loved her; and be it further
20    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
21presented to the family of Billie Paige as an expression of our
22deepest sympathy.