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Full Text of HB0569  96th General Assembly



HB0569 Enrolled LRB096 04613 AJO 14670 b

1     AN ACT concerning land.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 5. The State of Illinois owns the following
5 described real estate:
6     A part of the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of
7 Section 23, Township 9 South, Range 2 East of the Third
8 Principal Meridian in Williamson County, Illinois, more
9 particularly as follows:
10     Commencing at the northeast corner of the said quarter
11     quarter, marked with a concrete monument; thence North 88
12     degrees 29' 19" West, along the north line of said quarter
13     quarter, a distance of 614.74 feet to the east line of the
14     existing Chamber of Commerce parcel; thence South 00
15     degrees 23' 00" East, along the said east line a distance
16     of 46.05 feet to the southeast corner of said parcel and
17     the POINT OF BEGINNING for this description; thence
18     continuing South 00 degrees 23' 00" East, along the said
19     east line extend southerly, a distance of 8.06 feet to a
20     point on the northerly right of way line of an easement for
21     roadway purposes between the People of the State of
22     Illinois, as Grantor, and the City of Marion, Illinois, as



HB0569 Enrolled - 2 - LRB096 04613 AJO 14670 b

1     Grantee, as recorded in Misc. Record 291 at page 858 on May
2     31, 2005 in the Recorder's Office of Williamson County,
3     Illinois; thence South 89 degrees 36' 39" West, along said
4     northerly easement line, a distance of 227.32 feet; thence
5     South 68 degrees 48' 36" West, along said northerly
6     easement line, a distance of 198.63 feet; thence North 41
7     degrees 08' 03" West, along the easterly line of said
8     easement, a distance of 35.95 feet; thence South 34 degrees
9     09' 50" West, along the northerly line of said easement, a
10     distance of 4.24 feet to a point located 25.00 feet
11     easterly from and normal to the centerline of the existing
12     entrance road to the State of Illinois Regional Office
13     Building; thence North 13 degrees 36' 27" West, 25 feet
14     distance from and parallel to the said centerline, a
15     distance of 127.98 feet to a point on the existing
16     southerly right of way line of West Main Street (Old Route
17     13); thence North 76 degrees 32' 14" East, along said
18     southerly right of way line, a distance of 247.77 feet;
19     thence North 76 degrees 40' 07" East, along said southerly
20     right of way line, a distance of 80.40 feet to the
21     northwest corner of said Chamber of Commerce parcel; thence
22     South 00 degrees 23' 00" East, along said west line, a
23     distance of 145.76 feet to the southwest corner of said
24     parcel; thence North 89 degrees 37' 00" East, along the
25     south line of said parcel, a distance of 150.00 feet to the
26     point of beginning, containing 1.059 acres (46,126 sq.



HB0569 Enrolled - 3 - LRB096 04613 AJO 14670 b

1     ft.), more or less.
2     Section 10. Upon the payment of the sum of $1 to the State
3 of Illinois, and subject to the conditions set forth in Section
4 15 of this Act, the Director of the Department of Central
5 Management Services, on behalf of the State of Illinois and all
6 State agencies, must convey by quitclaim deed to the City of
7 Marion all right, title, and interest of the State of Illinois
8 in and to the real estate described in Section 5.
9     Section 15. The quitclaim deed shall state on its face and
10 be subject to the condition that if the property is no longer
11 used for public purposes, then title shall revert without
12 further action to the State of Illinois.
13     Section 20. The Director of the Department of Central
14 Management Services shall obtain a certified copy of this Act
15 within 60 days after its effective date, and shall record the
16 certified document in the recorder's office in the county in
17 which the land is located.
18     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
19 becoming law.