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HR1253 LRB096 21913 RCE 39940 r


4 Rules of the House of Representatives of the Ninety-Sixth
5 General Assembly are amended by changing House Rule 6 as
6 follows:
7     (House Rule 6)
8     6. Clerk of the House.
9     (a) The House shall elect a Clerk, who may adopt
10 appropriate policies or procedures for the conduct of his or
11 her office. The Speaker is the final arbiter of any dispute
12 arising in connection with the operation of the Office of the
13 Clerk.
14     (b) The duties of the Clerk include the following:
15         (1) To have custody of all bills, papers, and records
16     of the House, which shall not be taken out of the Clerk's
17     custody except in the regular course of business in the
18     House.
19         (2) To endorse on every original bill and each copy its
20     number, the names of sponsors, the date of introduction,
21     and the several orders taken on it. When reproduced, the
22     names of the sponsors shall appear on the front page of the
23     bill in the same order they appeared when introduced.
24         (3) To cause each bill and resolution to be reproduced



HR1253 - 2 - LRB096 21913 RCE 39940 r

1     and placed on the desks of the members as soon as it is
2     reproduced, as provided in Rule 16 and Rule 39.
3         (4) To keep the Journal of the proceedings of the House
4     and, under the direction of the Speaker, correct errors in
5     the Journal.
6         (5) To keep the transcripts of the debates of the House
7     and make them available to the public under reasonable
8     conditions.
9         (6) To keep the necessary records for the House and its
10     committees; and to prepare the House Calendar for each
11     legislative day, except perfunctory session days.
12         (7) To examine all House Bills and Constitutional
13     Amendment Resolutions following Second Reading and before
14     final passage for the purpose of correcting any
15     non-substantive errors, and to report the same back to the
16     Speaker promptly; to supervise the enrolling and
17     engrossing of bills and resolutions, subject to the
18     direction of the Speaker; and to attest to the passage or
19     adoption of legislative measures, and to note thereon the
20     date of final House action. Any corrections made by the
21     Clerk and approved by the Speaker shall be entered on the
22     Journal.
23         (8) To transmit bills, other documents, and messages to
24     the Senate and secure a receipt therefor, and to receive
25     from the Senate bills, other documents, and messages and
26     give receipt therefor.



HR1253 - 3 - LRB096 21913 RCE 39940 r

1         (9) To file with the Secretary of State debate
2     transcripts and House documents as required by law.
3         (10) To attend every session of the House; record the
4     roll; and read all bills, resolutions, and other papers as
5     directed by the Speaker. Bills shall be read by title only.
6         (11) To supervise the Assistant Clerk, the Doorkeeper,
7     pages, messengers, committee clerks, and other employees
8     of his or her office.
9         (12) To establish the format for all documents, forms,
10     and committee records and tapes prepared by committee
11     clerks.
12         (13) Subject to approval by the Speaker, to establish
13     standards of decorum and other standards regarding written
14     statements filed under Rule 53.
15         (14) To serve as the Speaker's authorized designee for
16     purposes of the Freedom of Information Act. The Clerk shall
17     provide copies of all requests for information under the
18     Freedom of Information Act to the member subject to the
19     request, as well as any responses, notifications, or public
20     records included with responses and notifications.
21         (14.5) At the request of any member, to place a table
22     in the House chamber, located near the front of the lower
23     podium, for the display of personal items, such as awards,
24     commendations, and pictures, related to a member of the
25     armed services, law enforcement officer, firefighter, or
26     other first responder who is being honored with a



HR1253 - 4 - LRB096 21913 RCE 39940 r

1     resolution for his or her service and loss of life while
2     serving the nation or community in an official capacity.
3     The table shall remain in that location until the
4     conclusion of the legislative day.
5         (15) To perform other duties assigned by the Speaker.
6     (c) The Clerk and those under the supervision of the Clerk,
7 including the Assistant Clerk, committee clerks, and other
8 employees, may accept a bill, amendment, conference committee
9 report, amendatory veto acceptance motion, or resolution for
10 filing only if (i) it is a document entered into the General
11 Assembly's computer system, at the direction of or with the
12 approval of a member, by the Legislative Reference Bureau, the
13 House or the Senate Democratic staff, the House or the Senate
14 Republican staff, or House or Senate Enrolling and Engrossing
15 or, with respect to appropriation documents only, entered into
16 the General Assembly's computer system by the Governor's Office
17 of Management and Budget, (ii) it bears a bar coded document
18 number of the drafting entity that is compatible with the
19 computer system used by the House, and (iii) the bar coded
20 document number does not duplicate one on another document that
21 has already been filed in the House or the Senate.
22 (Source: H.R. 45, 96th G.A.)