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Full Text of HR0225  96th General Assembly



HR0225 LRB096 12171 KXB 24543 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives recognize young children as one of the State's
4 most precious and valuable resources; and
5     WHEREAS, The National Association for the Education of
6 Young Children, whose mission it is to serve and act on behalf
7 of the rights, needs, and well being of all young children,
8 with primary focus on the provision of educational and
9 developmental needs and services, is the nation's largest early
10 childhood organization; and
11     WHEREAS, The Illinois Association for the Education of
12 Young Children (ILAEYC) is the State affiliate of NAEYC and has
13 over 4000 members and nineteen local affiliate chapters around
14 the State dedicated to the same mission; and
15     WHEREAS, The National Association for the Education of
16 Young Children has designated the week of April 19-25 as Week
17 of the Young Child and the Illinois Association for the
18 Education of Young Children has designated the month of April
19 as "Month of the Young Child"; and
20     WHEREAS, The purpose of the Month of the Young Child is to
21 focus public attention on the needs of young children and their



HR0225 - 2 - LRB096 12171 KXB 24543 r

1 families and to recognize the individuals, early childhood
2 programs, and services that are dedicated to meeting those
3 needs; and
4     WHEREAS, There are members of the organization such as
5 teachers, program directors, school administrators, agency
6 personnel, college faculty, and others who continually go above
7 and beyond what is expected to see that these needs are met;
8 and
9     WHEREAS, These individuals are considered to be true
10 Children's Champions, going further than anyone else to make a
11 positive difference to the lives of our kids; and
12     WHEREAS, The actions of Cynthia Wall of Springfield, Marta
13 Moya Leang of Chicago, Angela Reinhart of Villa Grove, Agnes
14 Kovacs of Winfield, Brian Michalski of Chicago, Jan Deissler of
15 Peoria, Kerri Nolan of Joliet, Christine Brady of Sycamore,
16 Cynthia Mahr of East Moline, Vita Bates of Palos Hills, Linda
17 Chittick of Paris, and Dr. Sara Starbuck of Carterville
18 represent shining examples of those in our communities doing
19 good things for children and have led them to be nominated by
20 their local affiliate chapters and designated by the Illinois
21 Association for the Education of Young Children as Illinois
22 "2009 Children's Champions"; therefore, be it



HR0225 - 3 - LRB096 12171 KXB 24543 r

3 recognize these individuals who have been designated as
4 Children's Champions and commend them for their dedication,
5 hard work, and significant contributions to the State of
6 Illinois, its children, and their families; and be it further
7     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
8 presented to the 2009 Children's Champions as a symbol of our
9 respect and esteem.