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Full Text of HR0468  96th General Assembly



HR0468 LRB096 13063 AJO 27628 r


2     WHEREAS, During these turbulent and difficult economic
3 times, it is more important than ever that the concept of
4 social justice, the view that every member of our society is
5 deserving of equal economic, political, and social rights and
6 opportunities, be given the highest priority by elected State
7 officials; and
8     WHEREAS, Assuring social justice is a key element of the
9 Illinois Constitution as shown by the Preamble which states, in
10 part, that "We, the People of the State of Illinois ... in
11 order to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the
12 people; maintain a representative and orderly government;
13 eliminate poverty and inequality; assure legal, social and
14 economic justice; provide opportunity for the fullest
15 development of the individual; ... - do ordain and establish
16 this Constitution for the State of Illinois"; and
17     WHEREAS, Our American ideals recognize the value and
18 importance of the equality of opportunity; and
19     WHEREAS, Recognizing that when justice is achieved in every
20 aspect of society, rather than merely in the administration of
21 law, individuals and groups will be afforded fair treatment and
22 an impartial share of the benefits of society; and



HR0468 - 2 - LRB096 13063 AJO 27628 r

1     WHEREAS, It is proper for us to consider how we, as a
2 State, treat the most vulnerable among us and how our decisions
3 will affect those most in need of equal opportunities; and
4     WHEREAS, Differences of gender, race, ethnicity, age,
5 disability, health, religion, economic condition, or class
6 should not stand in the way of equal opportunities in
7 education, health care, or employment; and
8     WHEREAS, The inequality of educational opportunities in
9 Illinois is well known and thoroughly described in studies,
10 test results, and statistics assembled by the State Board of
11 Education; and
12     WHEREAS, The toll of violence, the troublesome number of
13 school dropouts, and the loss of life, hope, and opportunity
14 extracted from the victims of violence and the lives of our
15 school drop-outs tear at our communities; and
16     WHEREAS, Disparities in the availability and quality of
17 healthcare throughout Illinois highlight the lack of equal
18 opportunities for those in need of health care; and
19     WHEREAS, Rising unemployment in all sectors of our economy
20 and the human price paid by communities that experience high



HR0468 - 3 - LRB096 13063 AJO 27628 r

1 unemployment rates make it more important than ever that there
2 truly be equal opportunities in all phases of employment;
3 therefore, be it
6 the House, as a body, will endeavor to give a high priority to
7 social justice and allow that important principle to direct our
8 choices in matters both large and small and guide our decisions
9 in matters temporary or permanent; and be it further
10     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
11 delivered to each member of the House so that it may serve as a
12 tangible reminder of the commitment each member has to this
13 noble priority.