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Full Text of HR0809  96th General Assembly




HR0809 LRB096 17136 GRL 32461 r


2     WHEREAS, Since the commission in 1962 of the United States
3 Navy Sea, Air and Land Forces, commonly known as the Navy
4 SEALs, the organization's members have distinguished
5 themselves as a highly-skilled and disciplined maritime force
6 and have played a significant role in U.S. military operations
7 around the world, including the current wars in Iraq and
8 Afghanistan; and
9     WHEREAS, Among the members of the Navy SEALs are 3
10 courageous men who have honorably served our nation in a time
11 of war, including tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan; Petty
12 Officer 2nd Class Matthew McCabe, originally of Perrysburg,
13 Ohio, served on the amphibious assault ship Belleau Wood before
14 training in special warfare; Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan
15 Keefe, originally from Yorktown, Virginia, enlisted in 2006 and
16 began his SEAL training that same year; and Petty Officer 1st
17 Class Julio Huertas, originally from Blue Island, Illinois, who
18 enlisted in 1999 and has served in special warfare units since
19 2002; and
20     WHEREAS, Recently, these 3 Navy SEALs were arraigned and
21 are facing court martial after a detainee complained to Iraqi
22 authorities that he suffered a "bloody lip" while in the
23 custody of Americans; and



HR0809 - 2 - LRB096 17136 GRL 32461 r

1     WHEREAS, After the 3 SEALs refused to accept non-judicial
2 sentences, they were charged with dereliction of duty and
3 making a false statement; in addition, Petty Officer McCabe was
4 charged with one count of assault on a detainee and Petty
5 Officer Huertas was charged with impeding an investigation; and
6     WHEREAS, The charges stem from an incident in early
7 September of 2009 after the 3 Navy SEALs captured and allegedly
8 punched in the stomach Ahmed Hashim Abed, a man believed to be
9 the mastermind behind the killing and mutilation of 4 United
10 States contractors in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004; and
11     WHEREAS, In light of the widespread belief that these
12 charges are the result of an overly sensitive reaction by
13 military officials to allegations of detainee abuse, there has
14 been a great outpouring of support for the 3 SEALs, including a
15 campaign led by several members of the United States Congress
16 urging U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to intervene in
17 this matter; therefore, be it
20 recognize the sacrifices made by our brave servicemen and women
21 in the United States military and the extraordinary
22 circumstances they encounter in combat environments every day;



HR0809 - 3 - LRB096 17136 GRL 32461 r

1 and be it further
2     RESOLVED, That we urge all relevant United States military
3 officials to reconsider the charges brought against U.S. Navy
4 Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew McCabe, Petty Officer 2nd Class
5 Jonathan Keefe, and Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Huertas; and
6 be it further
7     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
8 presented to U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the
9 members of the Illinois congressional delegation.