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SB3460 Enrolled LRB096 20611 MJR 36319 b

1     AN ACT concerning education.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 5. The School Construction Law is amended by
5 changing Section 5-300 as follows:
6     (105 ILCS 230/5-300)
7     Sec. 5-300. Early childhood construction grants.
8     (a) The Capital Development Board is authorized to make
9 grants to public school districts and not-for-profit entities
10 for early childhood construction projects. These grants shall
11 be paid out of moneys appropriated for that purpose from the
12 School Construction Fund. No grants may be awarded to entities
13 providing services within private residences. A public school
14 district or other eligible entity must provide local matching
15 funds in an amount equal to 10% the amount of the grant under
16 this Section. A public school district or other eligible entity
17 has no entitlement to a grant under this Section.
18     (b) The Capital Development Board shall adopt rules to
19 implement this Section. These rules need not be the same as the
20 rules for school construction project grants or school
21 maintenance project grants. The rules may specify:
22         (1) the manner of applying for grants;
23         (2) project eligibility requirements;



SB3460 Enrolled - 2 - LRB096 20611 MJR 36319 b

1         (3) restrictions on the use of grant moneys;
2         (4) the manner in which school districts and other
3     eligible entities must account for the use of grant moneys;
4     and
5         (5) requirements that new or improved facilities be
6     used for early childhood and other related programs for a
7     period of at least 10 years; and
8         (6) (5) any other provision that the Capital
9     Development Board determines to be necessary or useful for
10     the administration of this Section.
11     (b-5) When grants are made to non-profit corporations for
12 the acquisition or construction of new facilities, the Capital
13 Development Board or any State agency it so designates shall
14 hold title to or place a lien on the facility for a period of 10
15 years after the date of the grant award, after which title to
16 the facility shall be transferred to the non-profit corporation
17 or the lien shall be removed, provided that the non-profit
18 corporation has complied with the terms of its grant agreement.
19 When grants are made to non-profit corporations for the purpose
20 of renovation or rehabilitation, if the non-profit corporation
21 does not comply with item (5) of subsection (b) of this
22 Section, the Capital Development Board or any State agency it
23 so designates shall recover the grant pursuant to the
24 procedures outlined in the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act.
25     (c) The Capital Development Board, in consultation with the
26 State Board of Education, shall establish standards for the



SB3460 Enrolled - 3 - LRB096 20611 MJR 36319 b

1 determination of priority needs concerning early childhood
2 projects based on projects located in communities in the State
3 with the greatest underserved population of young children,
4 utilizing Census data and other reliable local early childhood
5 service data.
6     (d) In each school year in which early childhood
7 construction project grants are awarded, 20% of the total
8 amount awarded shall be awarded to a school district with a
9 population of more than 500,000, provided that the school
10 district complies with the requirements of this Section and the
11 rules adopted under this Section.
12 (Source: P.A. 96-37, eff. 7-13-09.)
13     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect July 1,
14 2010.