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Full Text of SR0682  96th General Assembly




SR0682 LRB096 21431 RCE 37815 r


2     WHEREAS, According to information compiled by the
3 Governor's Office of Executive Appointments, the State of
4 Illinois has over 300 boards, commissions, task forces,
5 councils, and authorities (referred to as "boards and
6 commissions"); and
7     WHEREAS, These boards and commissions are created by
8 statutes, resolutions, and Executive Orders to serve a variety
9 of advisory and substantive functions; and
10     WHEREAS, There are cumulatively hundreds of members on
11 these boards and commissions; and
12     WHEREAS, Compensation to members of boards and commissions
13 ranges from set salaries, stipends, or per diems to
14 reimbursement of expenses only; and
15     WHEREAS, State agency directors and employees often serve
16 as members of board and commissions or provide administrative
17 support to boards and commissions, or both, in addition to
18 performing their regular duties; and
19     WHEREAS, According to findings of the Auditor General, some
20 boards and commissions are not fulfilling their mission,



SR0682 - 2 - LRB096 21431 RCE 37815 r

1 including boards and commissions that were never established,
2 were established at one time but are now inactive, have
3 long-term vacancies, have members serving expired terms, or
4 have failed to meet periodically as required; therefore, be it
6 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the Auditor General is
7 directed to conduct a management audit of the State's boards
8 and commissions; and be it further
9     RESOLVED, That the audit include, but not be limited to,
10 the following for every known State board and commission:
11         (1) its name, authority, year of creation, and purpose;
12         (2) the number of appointed members and their date of
13     appointment, and the number of vacancies and length of
14     vacancy;
15         (3) costs of member stipends, salaries, and per diems
16     and expense reimbursements to members and State officials
17     and employees for attending board and commission meetings
18     during Fiscal Years 2007, 2008, and 2009;
19         (4) the date and place of each of the board and
20     commission's meetings during Fiscal Years 2007, 2008, and
21     2009 and the number of members in attendance and the number
22     of members absent;
23         (5) identification of any report or work product
24     prepared and made available by the board and commission



SR0682 - 3 - LRB096 21431 RCE 37815 r

1     during Fiscal Years 2007, 2008, and 2009; and
2         (6) any other requirements applicable to the board and
3     commission and whether those requirements were met during
4     Fiscal Years 2007, 2008, and 2009; and be it further
5     RESOLVED, That all State agencies and boards and
6 commissions and any other entity having information relevant to
7 this audit cooperate fully and promptly with the Auditor
8 General's Office in the conduct of this audit; and be it
9 further
10     RESOLVED, That the Auditor General commence this audit as
11 soon as possible and report his or her findings and
12 recommendations upon completion in accordance with the
13 provisions of Section 3-14 of the Illinois State Auditing Act;
14 and be it further
15     RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be delivered to
16 the Auditor General.