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Full Text of HR1048  97th General Assembly




HR1048LRB097 21362 GRL 69497 r


2    WHEREAS, Since 1654, when Jewish immigrants first settled
3in North America, the Jewish-American people have contributed
4immeasurably to every aspect of our society, including
5government, sports, education, business, science, and the
6arts, and have enriched our culture and helped to shape our
7national identity; and
8    WHEREAS, Since the time of the American Revolution, when
9the colonies' small population of 3,000 Jewish settlers played
10an outsized role in the battle for our nation's independence,
11with an estimated 160 Jewish-Americans fighting in George
12Washington's Continental Army, the commitment of the
13Jewish-American people to the defense and freedom of the United
14States has been witnessed again and again from the time of the
15Civil War, to the first World War, to World War II - where half
16a million Jewish-Americans joined in a worldwide effort to halt
17the march of fascism and prevent the eradication of the Jewish
18culture - to the present theaters of American military
19involvement, where Jewish-Americans continue to defend our
20freedom; and
21    WHEREAS, Jewish-Americans have worked alongside their
22fellow Americans of all races, religions, and heritages to
23create the advances that continue to make our nation a center



HR1048- 2 -LRB097 21362 GRL 69497 r

1of business and technological innovation and creativity and
2enhance the vitality of our communities nationwide; and
3    WHEREAS, Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Jonas Salk,
4and Carl Sagan are among the many Jewish-Americans whose
5dedication to the advancement of scientific understanding has
6helped cure diseases, prevent war, explore space, and grace us
7with a fuller appreciation of our world; and
8    WHEREAS, Jewish-American athletes have made important
9contributions to our national pastimes, including former
10Chicago Bears great Sid Luckman, pitching legend Sandy Koufax,
11Major League Baseball's reigning National League Most Valuable
12Player Ryan Braun, new Chicago Cubs president Theo Epstein,
13Olympic gold medal figure-skater Sarah Hughes, and Abe
14Saperstein, whose role in founding the Harlem Globetrotters
15earned him induction in basketball's hall of fame; and
16    WHEREAS, Despite oftentimes facing discrimination and
17persecution themselves, Jewish-Americans worked actively in
18the civil rights movement and the women's equality movement;
20    WHEREAS, Jewish-American community groups, such as B'nai
21B'rith, Hatzalah, Hadassah, Hillel, the many synagogue men's
22clubs and sisterhoods, and several Jewish fraternities and



HR1048- 3 -LRB097 21362 GRL 69497 r

1sororities in America, such as Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Epsilon
2Phi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Sigma Delta Tau, Tau Epsilon Phi, and Zeta
3Beta Tau, have worked locally and internationally to serve our
4communities, our country, and our world; and
5    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois is home to one of the 10
6largest Jewish populations in the world; and
7    WHEREAS, Many notable Jewish-Americans have called
8Illinois home, including Governor Henry Horner, one of the
9first Jewish governors in the United States,
10internationally-renowned pianist Fannie Bloomfield Ziesler,
11beloved children's writer and poet Shel Silverstein, Sears
12president and philanthropist Max Adler, and former
13Congressman, White House Chief of Staff, and current Mayor of
14Chicago, Rahm Emanuel; and
15    WHEREAS, Since 2006, the month of May has been designated
16as Jewish-American Heritage Month; therefore, be it
19we set aside the month of May as an opportunity to reflect on
20the contributions that Jewish-Americans have made to our
21communities, our State, and our country.