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HB3283 EngrossedLRB102 13370 SPS 18714 b

1    AN ACT concerning regulation.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Practice
5Act of 2004 is amended by adding Section 19.3 as follows:
6    (225 ILCS 115/19.3 new)
7    Sec. 19.3. Prescription consultation.
8    (a) Each time a veterinarian initially prescribes,
9dispenses, or furnishes a veterinary prescription drug to an
10animal patient in an outpatient setting, the veterinarian
11shall provide, in person or through electronic means, to the
12client responsible for the animal or his or her agent, a
13consultation that includes the following information:
14        (1) name and description of the prescription drug;
15        (2) route of administration, dosage form, dosage,
16    duration of drug therapy, the duration of the effects of
17    the drug, and the common severe adverse effects associated
18    with the use of a short-acting or long-acting drug;
19        (3) any special directions for proper use and storage;
20        (4) actions to be taken in the event of a missed dose;
21    and
22        (5) precautions and relevant warnings provided by the
23    drug's manufacturer, including common severe adverse



HB3283 Engrossed- 2 -LRB102 13370 SPS 18714 b

1    effects of the drug, if available.
2    (b) If requested by the client responsible for the animal
3or his or her agent, a veterinarian shall provide drug
4documentation, if available.
5    (c) A veterinarian may delegate to a certified veterinary
6technician or veterinary assistant the task of providing the
7consultation and drug documentation required by this Section.
8    (d) It shall be noted in the medical record of the animal
9patient that the consultation described in this Section is