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Full Text of HB5717  98th General Assembly




State of Illinois
2013 and 2014


Introduced , by Rep. Rich Brauer


New Act

    Creates the Outdoor Light Limitation Act. Provides requirements for outdoor lighting. Creates exemptions from those requirements. Authorizes the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to adopt rules necessary to implement the Act. Authorizes the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to impose a fine for violation of the Act.

LRB098 20267 MGM 55663 b





HB5717LRB098 20267 MGM 55663 b

1    AN ACT concerning light limitation.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Outdoor Light Limitation Act.
6    Section 5. Definitions. As used in this Act:
7    "Commercial lighting zone" means any zoning lot in any
8zoning district that does not have as its primary use a
9single-family residential dwelling, a 2-family residential
10dwelling, or land used for agriculture or industry.
11    "Fully shielded" means that those fixtures so designated
12shall be shielded in a manner that ensures that light rays
13emitted from the fixture, either directly from the source of
14illumination or indirectly from the fixture, are projected
15through the lowest point of the fixture where light is emitted.
16    "Residential lighting zone" means any zoning lot in a
17residential or agricultural zoning district that has as its
18primary use a single-family residential dwelling or a 2-family
19residential dwelling.
20    "Uplighting" means lighting that is directed to shine light
21rays above the horizontal plane.
22    Section 10. Requirements for outdoor lighting.



HB5717- 2 -LRB098 20267 MGM 55663 b

1    (a) Any outdoor light fixture that is updated after the
2effective date of this Act shall be upgraded to a fully
3shielded fixture unless the light contains an automatic shutoff
5    (b) For the purposes of limiting residential light trespass
6and avoiding spotlight lighting, any landscape uplighting
7shall not exceed a maximum inclination of 60 degrees with a
8maximum light output of 1,000 lumens.
9    (c) For the purposes of travel safety along the roads,
10outdoor advertising displays shall not exceed a 1,000 lux
11illumination in a commercial lighting zone and a 500 lux
12illumination in a residential lighting zone. This standard
13shall be met by digital displays as well as static displays.
14    (d) The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency shall
15adopt rules necessary to implement this Act.
16    Section 15. Exemptions.
17    (a) Sensor activated safety and security lights are exempt
18from the requirements of this Act if they are equipped with a
19timer to turn off the light within 7 minutes after activation.
20    (b) Consumer holiday decorations are exempt from the
21requirements of this Act.
22    (c) Uplighting for flag poles, essential lights used for
23emergency scenarios, and lights used for construction by the
24Illinois Department of Transportation are exempt from the
25requirements of subsection (b) of Section 10.



HB5717- 3 -LRB098 20267 MGM 55663 b

1    (d) Outdoor sporting stadiums used for night activity,
2towers, including radio communication towers and navigation
3towers that need lights for daytime and nighttime safety
4purposes, are exempt from the requirements of this Act.
5    (e) Fossil fuel lights created by the combustion of natural
6gas or other fossil fuels are exempt from the requirements of
7this Act.
8    Section 20. Fines. Upon notification of a violation of this
9Act, the person in violation shall have 180 calendar days to
10remedy the violation. If the person in violation does not
11remedy the violation within 180 days, the Illinois
12Environmental Protection Agency may fine the person $100.