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Full Text of HJR0008  98th General Assembly




HJ0008 EngrossedLRB098 07474 GRL 37545 r


2    WHEREAS, The Rock River, known for its beauty and
3ecological importance, flows south through Rockford, then
4southwest across northwestern Illinois, passing Oregon, Dixon,
5Sterling, and Rock Falls before joining the Mississippi River
6at Rock Island; and
7    WHEREAS, The Rock River provides opportunities for
8conservation and recreation for many residents of this State;
10    WHEREAS, The Rock River has had an important role in
11Illinois history, and it attracts many tourists each year to
12such spots as the area in Dixon where former President Ronald
13Reagan once served as a lifeguard and his favorite fishing
14spot, now called "Dutch Landing", located just southwest of
15Lowell Park; and
16    WHEREAS, Designating the roads along the Illinois portion
17of the Rock River Trail as a Scenic and Historic Route will
18encourage residents and visitors alike to explore, appreciate,
19and enjoy the many wonders of the Rock River; therefore, be it



HJ0008 Engrossed- 2 -LRB098 07474 GRL 37545 r

1SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that the Rock River Trail Scenic and
2Historic Route is designated as follows:
3        (1) from the Illinois-Wisconsin State Line at Shirland
4    Avenue, along South Bluff Road in Rockton Township to
5    Rockton Road on County Highway 9;
6        (2) along Rockton Road from South Bluff Road to Race
7    Street in Rockton;
8        (3) along Race Street from Rockton Road to West Main
9    Street in Rockton;
10        (4) along West Main Street from Race Street to South
11    Blackhawk Boulevard;
12        (5) along South Blackhawk Boulevard from West Main
13    Street to Russell Street;
14        (6) along Russell Street from South Blackhawk
15    Boulevard to Old River Road;
16        (7) along Old River Road from Russell Street to Latham
17    Road;
18        (8) along Latham Road from Old River Road to Illinois
19    Route 2;
20        (9) along Illinois Route 2 from Latham Road to
21    Riverside Boulevard in Rockford;
22        (10) along Riverside Boulevard from Illinois Route 2 to
23    East Drive in Loves Park;
24        (11) along East Drive from Riverside Boulevard to
25    Evelyn Avenue;
26        (12) along Evelyn Avenue from East Drive to Pearl



HJ0008 Engrossed- 3 -LRB098 07474 GRL 37545 r

1    Avenue;
2        (13) along Pearl Avenue from Evelyn Avenue to Illinois
3    Route 251;
4        (14) along Illinois Route 251 from Pearl Avenue to
5    Whitman Street;
6        (15) along Whitman Street from Illinois Route 251 to
7    North Main Street;
8        (16) along North Main Street from Illinois Route 251 to
9    Green Street;
10        (17) along Green Street from North Main Street to
11    Illinois Route 2 through the remainder of Winnebago County
12    and through Ogle County and Lee County and Whiteside County
13    to Illinois Route 40 in Sterling;
14        (18) along Illinois Route 40 from Illinois Route 2 to
15    US Route 30 in Rock Falls;
16        (19) along US Route 30 from Illinois Route 40 to Moline
17    Road;
18        (20) along Moline Road from US Route 30 to Illinois
19    Route 78 in Lyndon;
20        (21) along Illinois Route 78 from Moline Road to West
21    3rd Street in Prophetstown;
22        (22) along West 3rd Street from Illinois Route 78 to
23    Grove Street;
24        (23) along Grove Street from West 3rd Street to
25    Springhill Road (County Road 3);
26        (24) along Springhill Road from Grove Street to Banks



HJ0008 Engrossed- 4 -LRB098 07474 GRL 37545 r

1    Road (County Road 13);
2        (25) along Banks Road from Springhill Road to Erie
3    Road;
4        (26) along Erie Road from Banks Road to Moline Road in
5    Erie;
6        (27) along Moline Road from Erie Road to Main Street in
7    Hillsdale;
8        (28) along Main Street from Moline Road to County Road
9    V;
10        (29) along County Road V from Main Street to County
11    Road W;
12        (30) along County Road W from County Road V to Illinois
13    Route 92;
14        (31) along Illinois Route 92 from County Road W to
15    Illinois Route 82;
16        (32) along Illinois Route 82 from Illinois Route 92 to
17    Wolf Road (County Road 2);
18        (33) along Wolf Road from Illinois Route 82 to
19    Cleveland Road;
20        (34) along Cleveland Road from Wolf Road to Illinois
21    Route 84 in Colona and the Rock Island County Loop;
22        (35) along Illinois Route 84 from Cleveland Road to US
23    Route 6;
24        (36) along US Route 6 from Illinois Route 84 to 27th
25    Street in Moline;
26        (37) along 27th Street from US Route 6 to Airport Road;



HJ0008 Engrossed- 5 -LRB098 07474 GRL 37545 r

1        (38) along Airport Road from 27th Street to US Route 67
2    in Milan;
3        (39) along US Route 67 from Airport Road to 9th Street
4    in Rock Island;
5        (40) along 9th Street from US Route 67 to 31st Avenue;
6        (41) along 31st Avenue from 9th Street to trailhead at
7    Sunset Park and Marina and return on the Rock Island County
8    Loop;
9        (42) along 31st Avenue from Sunset Park and Marina to
10    9th Street;
11        (43) along 9th Street from 31st Avenue to Blackhawk
12    Road (Illinois Route 5);
13        (44) along Blackhawk Road from 9th Street to John Deere
14    Road in Moline (Illinois Route 5);
15        (45) along John Deere Road from Blackhawk Road to
16    Colona Road in Carbon Cliff;
17        (46) along Colona Road from John Deere Road to Illinois
18    Route 84; and
19        (47) along Illinois Route 84 from Colona Road to
20    Cleveland Road in Colona and the point of beginning of the
21    Rock Island County Loop; and be it further
22    RESOLVED, That the Illinois Department of Transportation
23and units of local government that maintain any portions of the
24Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route are requested to
25erect at suitable locations on their respective portions of the



HJ0008 Engrossed- 6 -LRB098 07474 GRL 37545 r

1route, consistent with State and federal regulations, plaques
2or signs giving notice of the name; and be it further
3    RESOLVED, That units of local government that maintain any
4portion of the Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route are
5urged to enhance suitable areas along the route; and be it
7    RESOLVED, That the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
8and the Illinois Office of Tourism are requested to post the
9Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route's location on their
10Agency websites, and the Illinois Office of Tourism is
11requested to produce and distribute brochures and other related
12matter that will make the route known to the public; and be it
14    RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be delivered to
15the Illinois Secretary of Transportation, the Illinois
16Historic Preservation Agency, the Illinois Office of Tourism,
17and to each of the local governments having jurisdiction over
18any portion of the route.