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HR0115LRB098 10991 MST 41643 r


2    WHEREAS, The Republic of China (Taiwan) marked its
3centennial in 2011 and began its second century as the world's
419th-largest economy (as of 2011) and has achieved economic and
5social stability; and
6    WHEREAS, In 2011, Taiwan ranked as the United States'
710th-largest trading partner in the world and is the United
8States' 15th-largest export market, with U.S. exports to Taiwan
9in 2011 worth $25.9 billion U.S., and its 9th-largest source of
10imports (in 2010); and
11    WHEREAS, In the last 2 decades, Taiwan has been praised as
12a beacon of democracy for Asia, having successfully completed
13its parliamentary elections and its 5th direct, popular
14presidential election on January 14, 2012, electing to a second
15term, President Ma Ying-jeou, who was inaugurated on May 20,
162012; and
17    WHEREAS, Taiwan has taken great steps forward to enter the
18world arena as a trusted partner; for each year since 2009,
19Taiwan has participated as an observer in the World Health
20Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO); in 2012,
21Taiwan celebrated its 20th anniversary of participation in the
22Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (AFEC) forum, of which the



HR0115- 2 -LRB098 10991 MST 41643 r

1United States is a longtime and respected member; and
2    WHEREAS, Last fall the government of the United States
3announced the inclusion of Taiwan in the U.S. Visa Waiver
4Program; effective November 1, 2012, Taiwan became the 37th
5member to receive visa-free travel privileges to the United
6States and only the 5th Asian country with visa-free status
7(behind Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Brunei); it is
8expected that more Taiwanese will come to the United States for
9business and tourism, increasing spending of tourist dollars
10and facilitating business, trade, and investment in the United
11States, thus contributing to the U.S. and local economies and
12strengthening bilateral relations and ties with the individual
13states, including Illinois; moreover, Taiwan is grateful to the
14United States, and, in particular, to the Illinois House of
15Representatives for its support in this effort; and
16    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois has a strong economic and
17cultural relationship with Taiwan since establishing
18sister-state relations in 1992; in 2011, Illinois ranked 5th
19among U.S. states in the value of overall exports to Taiwan,
20which increased 47% that year and were worth almost $1.2
21billion U.S.; these figures rose from $812 million U.S. in
222010, when Illinois exports to Taiwan ranked 6th among U.S.
23states; and



HR0115- 3 -LRB098 10991 MST 41643 r

1    WHEREAS, Taiwan is the world's 6th-largest market for
2United States agricultural goods, with Taiwan having sent 26
3agricultural missions to the United States between 1978 and
42011; these missions have enhanced the mutually beneficial
5trade relations and permanent friendship between the 2
6countries, and promoted ties between Taiwan and Illinois, which
7hosted the Taiwan soybean and corn delegation in 2011 in
8Springfield and Rockford; the Illinois economy has benefited
9fram Taiwan's consistently large imports of Illinois
10agricultural products; in 2011, the State's agricultural
11exports to Taiwan, worth $739.24 million U.S., comprised almost
1262% of Illinois' total exports to Taiwan and increased 82% from
13the State's 2010 agricultural exports to Taiwan ($406.78
14million U.S.); and
15    WHEREAS, International airline safety and security have
16been major global concerns since 2001; Taiwan, a key transport
17hub in the Asia-Pacific region, has more than one million
18flights per year passing through the Taipei Flight Information
19Region and has one of the world's largest airports by cargo
20volume, Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan; Taiwan seeks
21meaningful participation with observer status in the
22International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), but has not
23been accorded it and is not a member, leaving a gap in the
24aviation security and navigation system; Taiwan can be a
25valuable and constructive partner to the ICAO in the global



HR0115- 4 -LRB098 10991 MST 41643 r

1strategy to address airline safety and security based on
2effective international cooperation, while Taiwan's
3participation in that international organization can also
4narrow the security gap, reduce the exposure to threats, and
5increase aviation safety; and
6    WHEREAS, The Taiwan government continually seeks to
7demonstrate its willingness to contribute its resources and
8know-how to the international community, such as its swift
9delivery of humanitarian assistance to Haiti following the 2010
10earthquake in that country; the aid was expedited by the United
11States, which generously aided Taiwan in rescue and recovery
12after Typhoon Morakot; Taiwan also seeks to contribute to
13peace, freedom, and security in the world as a responsible
14stakeholder and peaceable nation of 23 million citizens through
15the Republic of China's policies, such as "flexible diplomacy"
16in foreign affairs and its pragmatic approach to relations with
17mainland China, as demonstrated by the historic passage in 2010
18and implementation in 2011 of the Economic Cooperation
19Framework Agreement between Taipei and Beijing; and
20    WHEREAS, The Taiwan government highly values its relations
21with the United States and is gratified that the United States
22and Taiwan will restart high-level talks under the bilateral
23Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), an important
24platform to resolve trade and commerce issues, on March 11-12,



HR0115- 5 -LRB098 10991 MST 41643 r

12013, in Taipei; it is anticipated that this meeting will help
2forge closer relations between the 2 countries and create a
3win-win environment for more Taiwanese trade and investment
4with individual states, including Illinois; and
5    WHEREAS, Taiwan seeks greater regional integration in the
6Asia-Pacific region and promotion of bilateral investment and
7trade relations with the United States, welcomes the
8opportunity presented by the United States' "pivot to Asia" and
9announcement in 2011 (at the meeting of leaders at the
10Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum) of the United States'
11intent to not only join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),
12the proposed 21st century trade agreement between the U.S. and
138 other Asia-Pacific Rim countries, but to expand TPP
14membership in the future to include other countries, such as
15Taiwan; therefore, be it
18we congratulate the Republic of China (Taiwan) on gaining
19inclusion in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program in 2012, welcome the
20U.S.-Taiwan trade talks, and express support for Taiwan's
21efforts to secure entry to the Trails-Pacific Partnership
22(TPP), to promote its bilateral investment and trade relations
23with the United States and facilitate its economic and other
24ties with Illinois and the individual states; and be it further



HR0115- 6 -LRB098 10991 MST 41643 r

1    RESOLVED, That to increase Taiwan's international space
2and the degree to which Taiwan benefits from and contributes to
3global efforts to enhance international airline safety and
4security, we reaffirm our support for the meaningful
5participation of Taiwan in the International Civil Aviation
6Organization (ICAO) with observer status; and be it further
7    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
8presented to United States Secretary of State John F. Kerry,
9ICAO Secretary Genera1 Raymond Benjamin, and the Taipei
10Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago.