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Full Text of HB2655  100th General Assembly




State of Illinois
2017 and 2018


Introduced , by Rep. Katie Stuart


25 ILCS 115/1  from Ch. 63, par. 14

    Amends the General Assembly Compensation Act. Provides that beginning on the second Wednesday in January 2019, the salary received by each member of the General Assembly shall be reduced by 10%. Effective immediately.

LRB100 05351 RJF 15362 b






HB2655LRB100 05351 RJF 15362 b

1    AN ACT concerning State government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The General Assembly Compensation Act is amended
5by changing Section 1 as follows:
6    (25 ILCS 115/1)  (from Ch. 63, par. 14)
7    Sec. 1. Each member of the General Assembly shall receive
8an annual salary of $28,000 or as set by the Compensation
9Review Board, whichever is greater. Beginning the second
10Wednesday in January 2019, the salary received by each member
11of the General Assembly shall be reduced by 10%, based upon the
12salary received by each member during the previously convened
13General Assembly. The following named officers, committee
14chairmen and committee minority spokesmen shall receive
15additional amounts per year for their services as such
16officers, committee chairmen and committee minority spokesmen
17respectively, as set by the Compensation Review Board or, as
18follows, whichever is greater: Beginning the second Wednesday
19in January 1989, the Speaker and the minority leader of the
20House of Representatives and the President and the minority
21leader of the Senate, $16,000 each; the majority leader in the
22House of Representatives $13,500; 6 assistant majority leaders
23and 5 assistant minority leaders in the Senate, $12,000 each; 6



HB2655- 2 -LRB100 05351 RJF 15362 b

1assistant majority leaders and 6 assistant minority leaders in
2the House of Representatives, $10,500 each; 2 Deputy Majority
3leaders in the House of Representatives $11,500 each; and 2
4Deputy Minority leaders in the House of Representatives,
5$11,500 each; the majority caucus chairman and minority caucus
6chairman in the Senate, $12,000 each; and beginning the second
7Wednesday in January, 1989, the majority conference chairman
8and the minority conference chairman in the House of
9Representatives, $10,500 each; beginning the second Wednesday
10in January, 1989, the chairman and minority spokesman of each
11standing committee of the Senate, except the Rules Committee,
12the Committee on Committees, and the Committee on Assignment of
13Bills, $6,000 each; and beginning the second Wednesday in
14January, 1989, the chairman and minority spokesman of each
15standing and select committee of the House of Representatives,
16$6,000 each. A member who serves in more than one position as
17an officer, committee chairman, or committee minority
18spokesman shall receive only one additional amount based on the
19position paying the highest additional amount. The
20compensation provided for in this Section to be paid per year
21to members of the General Assembly, including the additional
22sums payable per year to officers of the General Assembly shall
23be paid in 12 equal monthly installments. The first such
24installment is payable on January 31, 1977. All subsequent
25equal monthly installments are payable on the last working day
26of the month. A member who has held office any part of a month



HB2655- 3 -LRB100 05351 RJF 15362 b

1is entitled to compensation for an entire month.
2    Mileage shall be paid at the rate of 20 cents per mile
3before January 9, 1985, and at the mileage allowance rate in
4effect under regulations promulgated pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
55707(b)(2) beginning January 9, 1985, for the number of actual
6highway miles necessarily and conveniently traveled by the most
7feasible route to be present upon convening of the sessions of
8the General Assembly by such member in each and every trip
9during each session in going to and returning from the seat of
10government, to be computed by the Comptroller. A member
11traveling by public transportation for such purposes, however,
12shall be paid his actual cost of that transportation instead of
13on the mileage rate if his cost of public transportation
14exceeds the amount to which he would be entitled on a mileage
15basis. No member may be paid, whether on a mileage basis or for
16actual costs of public transportation, for more than one such
17trip for each week the General Assembly is actually in session.
18Each member shall also receive an allowance of $36 per day for
19lodging and meals while in attendance at sessions of the
20General Assembly before January 9, 1985; beginning January 9,
211985, such food and lodging allowance shall be equal to the
22amount per day permitted to be deducted for such expenses under
23the Internal Revenue Code; however, beginning May 31, 1995, no
24allowance for food and lodging while in attendance at sessions
25is authorized for periods of time after the last day in May of
26each calendar year, except (i) if the General Assembly is



HB2655- 4 -LRB100 05351 RJF 15362 b

1convened in special session by either the Governor or the
2presiding officers of both houses, as provided by subsection
3(b) of Section 5 of Article IV of the Illinois Constitution or
4(ii) if the General Assembly is convened to consider bills
5vetoed, item vetoed, reduced, or returned with specific
6recommendations for change by the Governor as provided in
7Section 9 of Article IV of the Illinois Constitution. For
8fiscal year 2011 and for session days in fiscal years 2012,
92013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 only (i) the allowance for
10lodging and meals is $111 per day and (ii) mileage for
11automobile travel shall be reimbursed at a rate of $0.39 per
13    Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary,
14beginning in fiscal year 2012, travel reimbursement for General
15Assembly members on non-session days shall be calculated using
16the guidelines set forth by the Legislative Travel Control
17Board, except that fiscal year 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,
18and 2017 mileage reimbursement is set at a rate of $0.39 per
20    If a member dies having received only a portion of the
21amount payable as compensation, the unpaid balance shall be
22paid to the surviving spouse of such member, or, if there be
23none, to the estate of such member.
24(Source: P.A. 98-30, eff. 6-24-13; 98-682, eff. 6-30-14;
2599-355, eff. 8-13-15; 99-523, eff. 6-30-16.)
26    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon



HB2655- 5 -LRB100 05351 RJF 15362 b

1becoming law.