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HR0935LRB100 21340 ALS 37708 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to recognize the 100th anniversary
4of the McHenry County Home and Community Education (HCE)
5organization; and
6    WHEREAS, McHenry County formed its first homemakers group
7in April 1918 with a purpose of providing ongoing
8research-based educational programs; the organization's goal
9was to make available a delivery system that would allow
10members to share their knowledge to improve the quality of
11family life in McHenry County; and
12    WHEREAS, The Illinois organization was initially called
13the Woman's Home Improvement Association, but the name was
14changed to the Illinois Home Bureau Federation prior to its
15debut in July 1918; In 1962, the Home Bureau Federation was
16renamed the Illinois Homemakers Extension Association (HEA);
17in 1993, the name was changed to the Illinois Association for
18Family and Community Education; the current statewide name of
19the Illinois Association for Home and Community Education was
20adopted in 1995; while the official name changed many times
21over the last 100 years, the local organization has always been
22fondly known as the "McHenry County Homemakers"; and



HR0935- 2 -LRB100 21340 ALS 37708 r

1    WHEREAS, Upon its establishment, the 300 women members used
2the organization as an important source for raising the quality
3of life for themselves and their families and contributing to
4the community; and
5    WHEREAS, In 1924, the group assumed responsibility for
6organizing 4-H clubs and took part in the effort to ensure that
7every farm and small town in McHenry County had safe running
8water systems in their homes; the members were also active in
9the push to have electricity in both the home and the barn; and
10    WHEREAS, Members were involved in providing hot lunches in
11McHenry County schools, and actually cooked meals in some
12instances at approximately 250 rural schools; and
13    WHEREAS, They also provided yearly demonstrations on how to
14cull and maintain a healthy chicken flock and a venue to sell
15culled chickens for additional income; and
16    WHEREAS, The organization provided a social network,
17educational programs, an arena in which to practice public
18speaking, leadership development activities, a resource
19network, and activities to expand member knowledge of regional,
20state, national, and international awareness; and
21    WHEREAS, Today, the HCE is an educational and community



HR0935- 3 -LRB100 21340 ALS 37708 r

1service organization of approximately 100 members who work to
2promote social and economic well being in McHenry County homes
3and neighborhoods; members meet monthly, hold special events
4throughout the county's communities, participate in community
5and University of Illinois Extension events, provide other
6community service, attend conferences, and serve on local,
7regional, and state organization boards and committees; and
8    WHEREAS, Members promote the well being of the individual
9and family by bringing about a better understanding of the
10home, community, state, and nation; therefore, be it
13congratulate the McHenry County HCE on the occasion of the
14100th anniversary of their organization; and be it further
15    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
16presented to the members of the McHenry County HCE as an
17expression of our appreciation and esteem.