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SB0052 EnrolledLRB100 00029 AXK 10030 b

1    AN ACT concerning transportation.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The State Finance Act is amended by adding
5Section 5.875 as follows:
6    (30 ILCS 105/5.875 new)
7    Sec. 5.875. The Horsemen's Council of Illinois Fund.
8    Section 10. The Illinois Vehicle Code is amended by
9changing Section 3-699.14 as follows:
10    (625 ILCS 5/3-699.14)
11    Sec. 3-699.14. Universal special license plates.
12    (a) In addition to any other special license plate, the
13Secretary, upon receipt of all applicable fees and applications
14made in the form prescribed by the Secretary, may issue
15Universal special license plates to residents of Illinois on
16behalf of organizations that have been authorized by the
17General Assembly to issue decals for Universal special license
18plates. Appropriate documentation, as determined by the
19Secretary, shall accompany each application. Authorized
20organizations shall be designated by amendment to this Section.
21When applying for a Universal special license plate the



SB0052 Enrolled- 2 -LRB100 00029 AXK 10030 b

1applicant shall inform the Secretary of the name of the
2authorized organization from which the applicant will obtain a
3decal to place on the plate. The Secretary shall make a record
4of that organization and that organization shall remain
5affiliated with that plate until the plate is surrendered,
6revoked, or otherwise cancelled. The authorized organization
7may charge a fee to offset the cost of producing and
8distributing the decal, but that fee shall be retained by the
9authorized organization and shall be separate and distinct from
10any registration fees charged by the Secretary. No decal,
11sticker, or other material may be affixed to a Universal
12special license plate other than a decal authorized by the
13General Assembly in this Section or a registration renewal
14sticker. The special plates issued under this Section shall be
15affixed only to passenger vehicles of the first division,
16including motorcycles and autocycles, or motor vehicles of the
17second division weighing not more than 8,000 pounds. Plates
18issued under this Section shall expire according to the
19multi-year procedure under Section 3-414.1 of this Code.
20    (b) The design, color, and format of the Universal special
21license plate shall be wholly within the discretion of the
22Secretary. Universal special license plates are not required to
23designate "Land of Lincoln", as prescribed in subsection (b) of
24Section 3-412 of this Code. The design shall allow for the
25application of a decal to the plate. Organizations authorized
26by the General Assembly to issue decals for Universal special



SB0052 Enrolled- 3 -LRB100 00029 AXK 10030 b

1license plates shall comply with rules adopted by the Secretary
2governing the requirements for and approval of Universal
3special license plate decals. The Secretary may, in his or her
4discretion, allow Universal special license plates to be issued
5as vanity or personalized plates in accordance with Section
63-405.1 of this Code. The Secretary of State must make a
7version of the special registration plates authorized under
8this Section in a form appropriate for motorcycles and
10    (c) When authorizing a Universal special license plate, the
11General Assembly shall set forth whether an additional fee is
12to be charged for the plate and, if a fee is to be charged, the
13amount of the fee and how the fee is to be distributed. When
14necessary, the authorizing language shall create a special fund
15in the State treasury into which fees may be deposited for an
16authorized Universal special license plate. Additional fees
17may only be charged if the fee is to be paid over to a State
18agency or to a charitable entity that is in compliance with the
19registration and reporting requirements of the Charitable
20Trust Act and the Solicitation for Charity Act. Any charitable
21entity receiving fees for the sale of Universal special license
22plates shall annually provide the Secretary of State a letter
23of compliance issued by the Attorney General verifying that the
24entity is in compliance with the Charitable Trust Act and the
25Solicitation for Charity Act.
26    (d) Upon original issuance and for each registration



SB0052 Enrolled- 4 -LRB100 00029 AXK 10030 b

1renewal period, in addition to the appropriate registration
2fee, if applicable, the Secretary shall collect any additional
3fees, if required, for issuance of Universal special license
4plates. The fees shall be collected on behalf of the
5organization designated by the applicant when applying for the
6plate. All fees collected shall be transferred to the State
7agency on whose behalf the fees were collected, or paid into
8the special fund designated in the law authorizing the
9organization to issue decals for Universal special license
10plates. All money in the designated fund shall be distributed
11by the Secretary subject to appropriation by the General
13    (e) The following organizations may issue decals for
14Universal special license plates with the original and renewal
15fees and fee distribution as follows:
16        (1) The Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
17            (A) Original issuance: $25; with $10 to the
18        Roadside Monarch Habitat Fund and $15 to the Secretary
19        of State Special Plate Fund.
20            (B) Renewal: $25; with $23 to the Roadside Monarch
21        Habitat Fund and $2 to the Secretary of State Special
22        Plate Fund.
23        (2) (1) Illinois Veterans' Homes.
24            (A) Original issuance: $26, which shall be
25        deposited into the Illinois Veterans' Homes Fund.
26            (B) Renewal: $26, which shall be deposited into the



SB0052 Enrolled- 5 -LRB100 00029 AXK 10030 b

1        Illinois Veterans' Homes Fund.
2        (3) Horsemen's Council of Illinois.
3            (A) Original issuance: $25; with $10 to the
4        Horsemen's Council of Illinois Fund and $15 to the
5        Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund.
6            (B) Renewal: $25; with $23 to the Horsemen's
7        Council of Illinois Fund and $2 to the Secretary of
8        State Special License Plate Fund.
9    (f) The following funds are created as special funds in the
10State treasury:
11        (1) The Roadside Monarch Habitat Fund. All moneys to be
12    paid as grants to the Illinois Department of Natural
13    Resources to fund roadside monarch and other pollinator
14    habitat development, enhancement, and restoration projects
15    in this State.
16        (2) The Horsemen's Council of Illinois Fund. All moneys
17    shall be paid as grants to the Horsemen's Council of
18    Illinois.
19(Source: P.A. 99-483, eff. 7-1-16; 99-723, eff. 8-5-16; 99-814,
20eff. 1-1-17; revised 9-12-16.)